Exploring Colossal Cave Mountain Park in Arizona

It’s not every day that you get to experience something truly different in life. You know, a moment you’ll never forget because of how surreal it was? I was lucky enough to find one of these gem moments recently on a trip to Arizona’s Colossal Cave Mountain Park, roughly 40 minutes southeast of Tucson. If I told you to imagine being taken on a journey through crystal laden chasms deep in the earth then later hiking though forest rich with saguaro cactus, you might be asking what planet I’m talking about. But with such an adventure being very real, I’ll share with you why Colossal Cave Mountain Park is worth a visit and why I’ll be going back again soon.

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10 Awesome Places to Go Camping This Summer

Grab your buddies, some grub, and your camping gear. It’s time to take a mancation. Leave the posh hotels and beach bathing to the ladies, because the rugged wild is beckoning. Every man welcomes the sight of mountains and rivers over the surf shop-lined boardwalks of the coast. The acres of wooded lands and miles of flowing streams provide a much more relaxing setting for any angler, hunter, or outdoorsman.

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Indonesia Vacation Ideas

An Indonesia vacation is something that could be the adventure of a lifetime. Indonesia is a country made up of thousands of volcanic islands, so even going there is an adventure in and of itself. But with so many islands and so much culture, nightlife, dining, and outdoor activities to see and do, it's hard to know where to go. For an Indonesia vacation that you want soon forget there are a few must see places to really get your fill of this tropical island chain.

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JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort

When it comes to planning your guys weekend or mancation, the hotel is almost as important as the destination. This is going to be your home base for a few days and it will generally set the tone for the rest of your adventure. While I'm of the thought that different groups of guys can pretty much make anywhere work, the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country is one of my favorites since it offers pretty much everything you'd need for the perfect escape with your friends.

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San Diego Gaslamp Marriott - Padres Baseball (and more)

With summer here, it's time for baseball and in San Diego you can't get much closer to the action than the San Diego Gaslamp Marriott. The hotel graciously offered us a couple nights so we could experience the ultimate San Diego guys weekend. In addition to an awesome location right next to the stadium, there's an awesome rooftop lounge on the 22nd floor that's close enough to throw the first pitch.

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