Luxury Auto Rentals

Chevrolet-Belair.jpgSometimes a guys weekend is more about state of mind than it is the destination. So instead of blowing it going to Vegas for the weekend, why not get an exotic or luxury car for the weekend and cruise around trying to impress your friends, pick up girls, and just generally feel like a king. Of course, if you ARE going to Vegas, Chicago, or New York these places will definitly be able to hook you up with a sweet ride!

If you are looking for the ultimate Mancation toy, you can’t do much better than renting an exotic car for the weekend or a week.

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Wrigley Field Ballpark Tours

Remember when you were a kid?

Did your dad take you to the ballpark and you wondered what it would look like if you could explore the whole thing and see the areas only the players could see? Well, you don’t need to be a kid, you just need to visit Chicago’s Wrigley Field!

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Fox River Trolley Museum

fox-river-trolley.jpgFather and son trips don’t have to be about nostalgia, but on some level that is what being a father is all about – passing down knowledge and experiences to the next generation.

That’s why a visit to your local railroad museum would make a great father son trip. Luckily for me, (and others of you in Chicago) there are several great ways to see trains in the Chicago area. One such place is the Fox River Trolley Museum.

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Mega Bus a Great Cheap Way to Travel

megadriver_large.gifWhen I was growing up (not too long ago!) traveling by bus was cheap, but it also meant dirty and smelly. Mega Bus is working to bring back the idea that bus travel can be cheap but still a positive experience. With fares starting as low as a dollar each way, Mega Bus might be a great option if you are looking to take a mancation this summer and would rather spend your hard earned money once you get there – rather than on the way. This video below documents one person's trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Mega Bus - only $16!

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Red Bull Air Race Detroit

red-bull-air-race detroit

What could be more exciting than watching some of the best pilots in the world fly as fast as they can, less than 20 meters from the ground at speeds of up to 250 miles per hour!

For you non-racing geeks, that is even FASTER than NASCAR! (NASCAR usually averages about 200 mph) While the Red Bull Air Race is truly an international event, this year the US stops include San Diego (May 3-4) and is in Detroit , May 31-June 1. Tickets for the San Diego Red Bull Air Race are on sale now, Detroit Red Bull Air Race tickets go on sale, April 15.

Tickets are Now Available for the Red Bull Air Race in Windsor / Detroit .

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