Catskill Mountain Bachelor Party

Catskill Mountain Mancation

This mancation story was submitted to us by Tim Woods, a Man Tripping reader who wanted to share with us a story about his annual mancation taking place in the Catskill Mountains of New York.


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The Currency Commision - or How to Pay for Your Next European Mancation

german-coinsRecently I was contacted by The Currency Commission, a firm based Washington, DC and London. This company buys old money from European countries that now use the Euro instead of Marks or Lira etc. I didn't realize it until they contacted me, but all that old money you might have laying around from years past is now essentially worthless because you can't trade it at traditional currency exchanges or banks because the deadline has passed. However, there are billions of dollars worth of these old european currency notes floating around in sock drawers, used as bookmarks and essentially forgotten about.

That's where The Currency Commission comes in. They will buy your old foreign currency for slightly lower than the market was, and then they have a special relationship with banks so they can sell it back in bulk. So if you have money laying around from that European mancation years ago now you can trade it in and finance your next guys weekend or European Mancation!

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Adventures in Travel Expo Chicago

adventures in travel expo logoThis past weekend I had the chance to visit the Adventures in Travel Expo in Rosemont. Browsing fun and exciting opportunities from African Safari's to diving for treasure in the caribean, visiting this expo was the perfect way to spend a cold and snowy, winter afternoon.

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Nick's Great Adventure - Mexican Mancation

mexican-flagThere is more to taking a mancation than just going to some awesome place with your guy friends, it is also about doing it in a manly way. No I don't mean with beer and nudie magazines tucked beneath your arms, I mean going on a trip in true manstyle.

I was contacted last night by a guy who is doing just that. Sure they are heading off to Mexico for a kick ass bachelor party and are doing it on motorcycles but what makes this the epitome of a mancation is that they are also doing what guys do best - going over the top with cool gadgets so that everyone else can see just how great their trip is going to be.

So I say Kudos!

Anyone who is interested in following their trip should head on over to Nick's Great Adventure and if you are a PR person with some gear to share in exchange for some great promotion I am sure they would appreciate it as well.

This won't be the last time you'll read about Nick's trip here so stay tuned!

The currency Commission

Why is you name A. Dixon on the response and Feldman on the header. I suspect you are part of the scam. Make up your own mind!!!!


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