Our room was VERY nice ...

I am told that they just completed a multi-million dollar renovation recently. Our room was in building 1, overlooking the marina / lake and it was fantastic. It might be considered a little small compared to some larger resorts / new construction, but it was a perfect size for me. I didn't get a chance to check any double rooms but I assume they are about the same size. My king had a sofa, flat panel TV, microwave, refrigerator (good for keeping beer cold!) and the bathroom was fantastic as well with a nice big shower and good soap / shampoo / conditioner etc. I'll be uploading some photos of the Abbey to our gallery later today to give you a better idea of what our room looked like. Overall though, it was a VERY pleasant experience and it is a great place for guys (as well as business travelers).


Would love to travel to Japan some day.It would especially appeal to anybody interested in traditional martial arts.

The Abbey

What were the rooms like? I've been there a few times for corporate meetings, and while the spa is indeed very nice, the accommodations were ... less than adequate. Would be nice to know if that has changed recently. Sounds like the food has definitely improved! Thanks.

Celebrating Samurai History with Esprit Tours in Japan

himaji-castleHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Samurai?

If so, this new tour in the Spring of next year (2010) might be of interest to you. Esprit Travel & Tours, specialists in tours which deeply immerse you into the heart of Japanese culture, is offering a new tour with a focus on the history and culture of the samurai. 

The way of the samurai, known as bushido, has fascinated westerners for hundreds of years.  In this very special tour, you will travel through Japan focusing on the era of the samurai, with introductions to the castles, battlefields, customs and the mystique of the samurai.  Visits to a range of original, reconstructed and castle ruins offer a glimpse into the lifestyle of the ruling class of the samurai.

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The Abbey Resort in Fontana on Lake Geneva

The Abbey Resort in Lake Geneva has positioned itself as the gateway to all the great fun that the Lake Geneva area has to offer.

This is the direct antithesis of the other well known resort in Lake Geneva, the Grand Geneva Resort. Grand Geneva, (the former PlayBoy Club!) offers nearly everything a guest could possibly want, all in one resort. Instead of competing directly with this, The Abbey focuses on providing a fantastic core resort experience and then connecting guests with all the awesome guys weekend activities in the Lake Geneva Area.

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