Ever Thought about Being a Whitewater Rafting Guide?

I haven't had a chance to write stuff up yet about whitewater rafting, but certainly that is one of the great things to do for a guys weekend or mancation. A few years ago I had the opportunity to go rafting in Vermont and I had a blast. Whitewater rafting is a perfect opportunity for male bonding as it requires strength, ballence, wits, intelligence, and courage. Most of all, it requires teamwork and leadership or else your whole group is going to tip over or worse.

At the end of the day you and the rest of the group can share stories, drink beer, light a camp fire, and cook some great steaks. What more could you want in a mancation adventure?

So if going rafting is awesome, wouldn't being a whitewater rafting guide make the ultimate job?

Art of Manliness decided to find out as part of their "So You Want my Job" series.

Sometimes the Most Fun is the Unexpected

Last week I set off to visit South Carolina with my wife Heather of Chick Vacations. Our plan was to camp the first night in Southern Kentucky at the Cumberland Falls State Park. Unfortunately we ended up leaving Chicago late and so we didn't arrive there till well after 11 p.m. and in the pouring rain to boot. Upon arriving we decided to just try and sleep in the car and get up early the next morning and head on down to Charleston.

That lasted about 30 min until we were almost asleep and someone walked into the car on the way to the bathroom. That obviously woke us up and at this point the rain had abated a bit so we decided to set the tent up. Unfortunately the rain started pouring as we got the tent almost setup. At this point were extremely tired and all we wanted to do was wake up in the morning so we could continue our journey. Unfortunately that's not what happened as about an hour later (after we were ALMOST asleep) the tent collapsed in a gust of wind and we were totally soaked, so we decided to head to a hotel for the rest of the night.

Upon arriving at the hotel, I was half delirious soaking wet and probably looked like I was just a bum off the street. So when I asked the front desk lady if they would cut me a deal because of the late hour she thought I was asking if I could rent the hotel "by the hour".

Ultimately we had a good night sleep and woke up the next morning refreshed and ready to drive the remaining 8 hours to Charleston.

The point of this whole story is that no matter what trip your are on, you shouldn't worry about stuff, just roll with whatever comes your way and enjoy life. Trust me, it would have been very easy to yell and scream or get pissed off, but in the end we both had a great time and it is an adventure we will remember for a long time to come.

Shark Diving Adventure Under the Sea

credit-christie-fisherScuba diving in the warm tropical waters off the coast of Baja California or the Carribean could be a great mancation adventure, but when you add sharks to the mix it becomes the ultimate mancation adventure. That's just what Shark Diver delivers!


To learn more about this amazing adventure, we chatted with Patrick Douglas, CEO and founder of Shark Diver.

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Top Golf Combines Golf with a Bar and Bowling

top-golf-score-boardWhat happens when you combine a golf driving range with the social aspect of bowling and throw in a full bar menu and waitresses who never let your beer go empty? Well you get probably the most awesome golf experience that any guy could ask for!

Top Golf has three locations in the United States but I am sure there will be loads more locations nationwide once this catches on.

The concept is very simple, Top Golf uses balls that have a chip in it to register whose it is and has targets in the field that you can aim for. Based on where the ball lands and how close to the pin it is you get a certain number of points. Also, because it is more of a game, it becomes a social activity, not just a solo sport where you go and wack a bunch of balls for practice.

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E3 Expo - Girls, Games, and Great Fun!

e3-pics-004Years ago in the heyday of the convention and expo world, before things became too expensive to hold massive conventions like E3 and Comdex I enjoyed the annual ritual of heading to Los Angles for what was absolutely the highlight of my year.

From 1997-2002, this was my opportunity to check out the latest games (before they were released!), attend awesome parties and most importantly hang out with friends that except for that one 3-4 day period I knew only by their aliases online.

Read more: E3 Expo - Girls, Games, and Great Fun!


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