Mancation Rituals and Traditions

We men tend to make things up to give our lives meaning, we do stupid handshakes, code words, even flock to exclusive clubs to make ourselves feel important. So what about mancation rituals? At the risk of making our wives and girlfriends embarrassed, I wanted to share with other guys some of the fun and wacky stuff guys do to celebrate guys weekends or mancations. I had a chance to chat with several experienced guys who love taking mancations. Here are some of the rituals and traditions they shared with me:

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Searching for Bigfoot With Bigfoot Safari

big-foot-toursWith all the news recently about the guys down in Georgia that claim to have discovered Bigfoot, and the relevation that those guys indeed run a "Bigfoot tour company" I thought I would look around and see what other Bigfoot tours there were out there. Afterall, regardless of whether or not they are promoting a hoax, wouldn't it make a great mancation to go out and try to find your own Bigfoot?

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any information online about Rick Dyer's Bigfoot tour company, but I did come across Bigfoot Safari on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Bigfoot Safari offers a variety of tour options, including offroad adventures with fully equipped Landcruisers, Landrovers, and Mercedes Unimogs. Plus, if you have ever been to coastal British Columbia you know that this is just an awesome place to go for a mancation, but the chance to see Bigfoot makes it just that much better!

A Golden Idea for California Mancations

California is known as the Golden State for a reason and luckily there is still gold left for prospectors to find, as well as tons of history from the gold rush to explore.

So, if you are looking for a golden idea for your next mancation, you can't get one much better than planning a gold prospecting adventure. Another benefit of a trip like this is that if you find something nice you can bring it home to the wife or girlfriend, or just fund your next mancation. The following are a few places to look to get your gold fever started!

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Wild Dunes Golf Resort in Charleston, SC

The south east coast is littered with great golf resorts, but last year when I was attending a wedding on Isle of Palms I came across Wild Dunes and it stuck out as something special. It didn't feel like every other golf resort and now that I found out they have some great mancation packages I am even more excited!

Plus when you combine golf with the historic southern charm and luxury of Charleston itself you simply can't go wrong.

Elizabeth Kelly, Marketing Communications Manager at Wild Dunes Resort, was nice enough to answer some of our questions and talk about some of the great mancation and guys weekend activities at this great South Carolina golf resort.

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Man-B-Que - A Great Way to Enjoy a Night with the Guys

man-b-que-logoA few months ago I came across this group of guys in Chicago that started a group they call ManBQue or Man-B-Que. Either way, it is a great way for guys to gather, share stories, share recipes and eat lots of meat! After all, you can't always go away from home to get some quality time just with the guys. The official Man-B-Que Rules are a little over the top, but generally there are just a few that are essential that I'll be emulating this weekend in Bartlett (about 30 miles west of Chicago):
  1. No Vegetarians
  2. No Kids
  3. No Wives, Girlfriends, Mistresses, or other Females
  4. Each man needs to bring meat to share
Interested in joining us this weekend or another day? Let me know!


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