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Top 10 Bed and Breakfast Inns for Men

meadowlake-ranch-inn-and-dude-ranchWhen planning a mancation or guys weekend, bed and breakfast's typically don't fit into the plans because of the preconceptions and image of romantic weekend retreats comes to mind. B&B's however are much more diverse than what our wives and girlfriends have lead us to believe. Today bed and breakfast inns are more than just tea and frilly curtains.

Also, as an added benefit to these locations you will usually have a fantastic home-cooked breakfast and great conversation where the inn keeper will be able to tell you the best places to go for deals, best fishing spots, best bike trails, and other local attractions that just don't make it into guide books or review websites.

That's why we are proud to have worked with to bring you the Top 10 Bed and Breafast Inns for Men!

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Art Of Manliness Tells us How to Cross the Ocean on a Freighter

ride-a-freighterOne of our favorite sites, Art of Manliness has posted a fantastic piece detailing How to Cross the Ocean on a Freighter.

This is something that I have thought about in the past, and heard about on different TV shows and such but had dismissed as something that was just myth.  Apparently it isn't and it looks like it could be a really cheap way to have a cool mancation.

This great article outlines a bunch of the different myths and missconceptions about traveling the seas by freighter, including the fact that it isn't actually cheaper than flying somewhere. I guess that isn't so bad though since this would be your mancation, not just the transportation :)


Torpedo Soup from

torpedo-soupMan Tripping fan, Kyle Smith sent us word about a video on one of his favorite sites, Tripfilmss where two Canadian guys exploring Penang, Malaysia get their first taste of "Torpedo Soup".

Well, it would be more appropriately labled "Bull Cock Soup" but who in the world would eat it if it was called that.

Anyhow, Tripfilms has tons of other great videos from mancations and guys weekends all over the world. It is a great site, so I recomend that you head on over there and check it out!

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Boo Y'all! Haunted Hotels in Savannah

kehoe-house-nightAs the leaves up north start to turn shades of red and brown, down south the humidity is dropping and the weather is getting nice and cool again, so it is time to explore Savannah's ghostly past.

Part of Savannah’s quirky and mysterious charm lies in her rich history. Often celebrated along with Savannah’s crowning accomplishments and historic beauty, come the tales and legends about the supernatural side of America’s Most Haunted City.

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Maker's Mark Distillery Tour

makers-mark-wagonLooking for a great excuse to visit Central Kentucky? Love to drink Bourbon? Maybe you should check out the Maker's Mark distillery, located in Loretto, KY!

Even if you aren't a bourbon or even a whiskey fan, visiting Maker's Mark is a great historical tour back in time to experience how bourbon was made back in the good ol' days. This is because in addition to distilling some of the greatest bourbon in the world, the Samuels family has made a point to also focus on historical preservation to avoid turning the brand into an industrialized product.

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