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  • Cool BBQ, Grilling and Tailgating Gear We Found At The National Hardware Show

    Like many things this year, the 2020 National Hardware Show was a bit different. Instead of being able to navigate through endless rows of booths and network with folks in the aisles, this year was 100% virtual. Despite that, I sort of enjoyed the experience since it allowed me to connect with vendors by browsing their web profiles and setting up Zoom meetings and I left the conference without the sore back and legs that I normally have. Sadly I also didn't get to take home the bags of swag and samples that normally come with shows like this. However, despite the changing conditions of 2020, the BBQ and tailgating world is still cooking up some fun gadgets and gear. Here's some of our favorites that we found!

  • Tequila Maple Glazed Smoked Brisket Recipe

    So you've probably experimented with whiskey before when preparing BBQ but sometimes the occasion just calls for tequila and so that what we tried. This recipe is a fairly simple smoked brisket recipe with light hints of tequila that help pair it well with a nice full glass of high-quality agave spirits such as our favorite, Don Julio 1942.

  • BBQ, Blues, and Elvis on a Memphis Mancation

    When most folks think of a guys weekend in Tennessee the first city that comes to mind is probably Nashville, but there is another great city that is located along the Mississippi River just west of there that holds a wide range of awesome opportunities for your next guys weekend.

  • Fully Loaded Pulled Pork Totchos

    Whether tailgating or homegating it's a difficult balance between creating something awesome and spending way too much time in the kitchen preparing and then cleaning up. As a man, creating ultimate recipes is something I revel in because it's an opportunity to take the gloves off and innovate with no boundaries. So today I'm going to introduce you to my latest creation - Smithfield Pulled Pork Totchos and hopefully inspire you to try something new next time you have the guys over to watch football. 

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