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  • Far Cry 6 Offers Everything You Expect And Welcome Innovations Too

    Each time there is a new Far Cry game released, there's one thing for sure... you're going to experience one of the most detailed outdoor environment action shooters that modern gaming hardware can deliver. That's true this time but the developers seem to have focused as much on innovation with tweaks that make the game that much better as much as they did with simply pushing the graphics to the point where it will consume every resource possible - even on today's top gaming machines.

  • WRC 9 Is The Racing Sim You've Been Waiting For If You've Ever Dreamed of Owning A Rally Team

    WRC 9 is an off-road simulation franchise that holds the lead on the market for being the most in-depth sports rally game that is available on Xbox, Playstation, and PC platforms. While targeting realistic gameplay, WRC 9 enhances upon its predecessors with major physics improvements, redesigned environments & engine sounds, changes to AI with custom skill sliders taking place of named difficulty levels, an excellent sound mix, and new pace notes. All of these in-game engine overhauls create a much deeper sense of realism, providing complete immersion for the player while exciting returning WRC franchise veteran racers.

  • XR1 Is A Great Option For Game Streaming Or Simply Capturing Old Family Videos To Your PC

    As more people watch professional video game streamers on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, it's only logical to be able to want to do it themselves. The unfortunate reality though is that most of us will never have both the skill and personality to compel someone to watch and so I'm forced to find another justification for a device like the EVGA XR1 Video Capture Device. It might be just the excuse that makes you able to justify the purchase though!

  • Skater XL Is The Sim For Guys Who's Knees Won't Let Them Skate Anymore

    Back in the day it seemed like we had a wide variety of fun and innovative skater games but then the format faded away. Thankfully, just like Vans have become more popular, we're sitting in a time when there are great options for folks looking to shred some pavement once more. While others offer a more arcade style of gameplay, Skater XL definitely feels more focused on offering a sim-style experience and leveraging the power of community to create a vibrant player experience.

  • Razer Unveils Project Brooklyn Immersive Gaming Chair

    Designed for all types of gamers and engineered to conveniently fit in your bedroom or game room, the Project Brooklyn gaming chair concept design transforms from an ergonomic gaming chair into a full-fledged entertainment powerhouse that delivers breathtaking, next-gen immersion for both PC and console gaming.

  • Our Top Five PC Racing Games

    Driving games are a great way to spend a few minutes blowing off some steam and today, they are also a lot of fun to watch people stream online too. While we hope to soon be back in the paddock of some races surrounded by the sounds and smells, these games continue to help keep us excited about driving, while we wait.

  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Review For Windows

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered was originally released in 2010 and is among my favorite racing games. In fact, that early 2000's era was ripe with great arcade-style racers that we could enjoy at home instead of needing to drop pounds worth of quarters at the rapidly disappearing arcades and family entertainment centers. We seem to be having a bit of a resurrection today with arcade-style racing returning to popularity so it is no surprise the EA would dig into their archives to bring back a title as fondly remembered as this one... just in time for the holidays.

  • Monster Truck Championship Is Some Of The Most Fun I've Had In Months

     Sometimes it is silly fun games that are the best distractions. You know, those games where you simply pick up the controller and connect with a friend and play for half an hour and then go back to work. That's the experience that I had when checking out Monster Truck Championship recently and it renewed my passion and interest in racing games... something I had lost many years ago due to them being overly complicated.

  • Gifts For Gamers

    There are tons of great gift ideas that you will probably want to consider. This post will primarily focus on five of the best gift ideas for gamers. The gaming industry has a wide selection of items and there are a lot of different possible products that you could take a look at. Several premium gaming accessories are going to be included as gift ideas within this post because they are some of the most popular ideas for possible gamer gifts.

  • SEGA's Fall Lineup of Japanese RPG and Puzzle Games Looks Awesome

    While I'm a huge fan of military shooter games and economic sims, Japanese RPGs and puzzle games have a special place in my heart too. There's a sense of story, use of colors, innovative music and character development that Japanese developers like SEGA have mastered. Here's some of the new and upcoming releases that the brand has coming out this fall.

  • Play At Light Speed With HVER Pro X Optical-Mechanical Keyboard

    Video game enthusiasts are always searching for that edge to improve their scores and while usually, that involves graphics cards, monitors, and mice - the value of a superior keyboard can not be underestimated. Most of us probably are still using that trash keyboard that came with your computer and I'd imagine that many of you are just using your laptop's keyboard thinking that is "good enough". It's not. For gaming as well as comfort with everyday typing, there is nothing better than a great keyboard. That's why I'm always thrilled to try a new one with sturdy mechanical keys that I can pound in anger battling foes on the battlefield as well as passionately typing out my latest article. With the new HVER PRO X RGB Optical-Mechanical Keyboard from Kaliber gaming, it takes things to the next level by offering optical-mechanical switches featuring IR technology for the fastest response time possible.

  • Dreaming of Demolition Derby With a Mower? You'll Love Wreckfest!

    Wreckfest is the spiritual sequel to one of my all-time favorite racing games - Flatout / Flatout 2. It's down and dirty, smash-em-up awesomeness that has a serious racing engine beneath the hood. Wreckfest is available now on PC, Xbox One. and Playstation 4 and it is the perfect game for anyone who loves creating carnage on the race track.

  • Miscreated Is The Survival Game We've Been Waiting For

    I'll admit - I'm rediscovering video games again after having taken a break for a number of years. However, I'm very excited with what I've been able to find and Miscreated is one of the highlights that I've enjoyed dumping hours of time into over the past couple weeks. It's a survival game that actually isn't "new" but has just released it's 1.0 beta version on Steam this month. Prior to that it was available to fans through the "Early Access" program. With an absolutely stunning environment to explore, resource monitoring, base building, and crafting Miscreated represents one of the most impressive gaming experiences that I've had in more than 10 years.

  • Not Just For Kids! Video Games That Adult Men Love Playing Too

    I'm going through a sort of "re discovery" of games, back in the day, I was a HUGE gamer. Virtually anything new that came out ended up on my computer and I had multiple video game systems at home as well. Somewhere along the line though that all faded and video games became something that was a passtime for the "younger me". Today though, I feel like games have matured quite a bit and I'm starting to have more time now to revisit this passtime and enjoy games again in a new way. As I've began exploring again, here's some of the ones that I'm looking forward to spending more time with in 2019!

  • Legion Y530: Gaming Laptop For Those That Work Hard & Play Hard

    Generally when you shop for a new computer it's just like buying a car... there's the practical side of your brand that say you just need something to get you to work and back... but then there's the fun side that says, "but I want to feel good doing it!" That's what I love about this Legion Y530 laptop that Lenovo sent me to check out as part of our holiday gifts for guys. I'll admit, I'm not a seasoned tech reviewer and despite my previous life being a hardcore gamer - those days were years behind me. Until this week anyhow when I was "forced" to test this laptop out... for research purposes of course. 

  • Gear Guide For Gamers Building a Game Room On a Budget

    Sure, you can connect your Xbox to pretty much any old TV and start playing... but what's the fun in that? There are so many awesome gaming accessories now that the hardcore gamer has so many options to customize their experience. Here's a few of our favorite products for guys who love video games!

  • Top PS4 Games That You'll Be Playing This Fall

    There are some amazing video games out now for the Playstation 4 and this fall is a great time to be a gamer. If you don't already have a PS4, these titles will probably make you want to put on on your wishlist. Hopefully Santa is in a good mood this year!

  • Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Xbox Wireless Gaming Headset Review

    When it comes to gaming headsets, you want something that sounds great, extremely comfortable for long gaming sessions, and is affordable. My neighbor and I did a bunch of research today and came away from our marathon gaming session very pleased with the Stealth 600 from Turtle Beach.

  • Virtual Reality at Level Up in MGM Grand Las Vegas

    In Star Trek they have holodecks and we've experimented with Virtual Reality for decades now - but it's never been seamless. We're almost there though, and so I was very excited to be invited to be among the first to try out Virtual Reality at Level Up inside of MGM Grand Las Vegas. This is as close as we've come to being able to experience immersive virtual reality environments and it is absolutely one of the best adventure experiences in Las Vegas today. 

  • John Marshall Jones Talks Games and Travel

    For many of us, John Marshall Jones is living a life that we can only dream of. Not only has he been a successful movie and TV star but now he's going to be staring in one of the top video games of the year - Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, which is due out on November 11 - as Amiral Raines. 

    Among his other credits are more than 100 TV show appearances including roles on "The Mentalist" "Hart of Dixie" "Shameless" "Glee" and "Pretty Little Liars" and he's also going to be in the upcoming film, "Paint It Black". 

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