• Sneakers vs. Running Shoes: Choosing the Right Athletic Shoe For Your Activity

    There are many different kinds of shoes that you can buy. Some people like to wear sneakers, some like running shoes, and others prefer cross trainers or tennis shoes. The type of shoe that you choose to wear will depend on your activity level and what kind of surface your feet want to be in contact with. In this blog post we'll be discussing the pros and cons for these four types of footwear so you can find out which one is right for you!

  • Frosty’s Footwear: A Guide to Today’s Best Winter Boots for Men

    A great pair of winter boots is about more than simply keeping your feet warm. With the exception of purely utilitarian work boots, footwear in winter is essential for maintaining traction and stability while also looking good. Those aren't always compatible objectives but we've taken a look at five different pairs of winter boots and put together our advice so that you can pick the perfect pair of boots this year.

  • Driving Moccasins Make Performance Driving More Comfortable

    Any guy that has ever sat behind the wheel of a performance automobile has probably thought about gloves to help improve their performance, but what about shoes? We took a spin in a pair of moosehide driving moccasins that Minnetonka sent me to see what it was like wearing these instead of my classic cross-trainers or flip flops and while it is a different feeling - they are stylish and there are significant comfort and performance advantages.

  • Samuel Hubbard - Getaway Shoes Review

    I love comfortable shoes - especially when they look as good as they feel. That's what I discovered when these shoes arrived a couple weeks ago from the Samuel Hubbard company. While the company has a long and complex heritage stretching back to 1930, and more recently the current CEO is also the co-founder of The Rockport Company - one of my favorite shoe brands years ago. Unfortunately for that brand, it seems to have gotten lost in a convoluted series of mergers and acquisitions over the years. When I slipped the Hubbards on for the first time though, it immediately brought back that same sense of comfort, quality, and style that I used to love in my Rockports years ago.

  • We Love Our Gambino Alliance Shadow Blue Suede Derby Shoes

    I love it when brands send me a new pair of shoes and this is especially true when the samples are well made, good looking and comfortable. All that's true with the Blue Suede Derby shoes that Gambino Alliance sent me to test out. 

  • I Love My PF Flyers Shoes

    Part of the fun of fashion is making a statement and the other half is comfort (with a bit of simply feeling good because you look good!). While browsing the selection of shoes at PF Flyers I saw a ton of different options that looks great. There was a mixture of big bold designs as well as more classic looks.

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