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America Is Back Open Summer Road Trip

Cadillac Ranch

Here's the route we're looking at doing. Route may change depending on partners, schedules etc.

Route Map:

The expected route is somewhere between 4,800-5,500 miles depending on the exact path selected as well as local deviations and opportunities to explore parks etc.

We expect that this journey will be roughly three weeks 


Key Themes:

"American Is Back"

"National Parks" (Utah Mighty 5, Grand Canyon, and maybe more)

"American Viticulture" (Albuquerque, Missouri, Lake Michigan Shore, Verde Valley, AZ)

We'll be celebrating all the great things about being an American including road trips, summer vacation, family, local and regional food, national parks, wide open spaces, and of course one of the best trucks or SUVs found anywhere on Earth!


Key Destinations and Stops:

Our itinerary is still in development but these are a few of our planned stops.

Mesa, Arizona

Missouri Wines

South West Michigan

Kansas City

Southern Utah


Itinerary and Prospective Dates:

TBD but looking to begin the trip some time in June pending availability of a vehicle provided by an automotive partner. Approximate journey time is 21 days depending on stops.

Mesa, Arizona

Albuquerque, NM

Oklahoma City, OK

St Louis, MO

Benton Harbor, MI

(We plan to stay 5 nights in Michigan)

St. Louis, MO (or west near wineries)

Kansas City, MO

(possible stop between)

Pueblo, CO

Southern Utah 

(we plan to stay 3-4 nights here)

Flagstaff, AZ

Mesa, AZ 

San Diego, CA

Partnership Opportunities:

Throughout our 5,000 mile journey across the United States, we will have the opportunity to generate a significant amount of live and semi-live social as well as blog content. This gives us the opportunity to feature brands in hyper contextual opportunities across a variety of social media and blog properties including ManTripping.com and MenWhoBlog.com.

Car Manufacturer -

Food and Snack Brands - 

DMO's and CVB's in select cities -

Clothing and Accessories - 

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