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how to use an essay writing service

The other day I had a company reach out to me offering essay writing services and I immediately hit delete. To someone who tries to be as moral and forthright, the idea that I can simply have someone write an academic paper for me seems immoral at best and downright fraudulent at worst. However, in this case - I took a deep breath and thought about it for a moment. There are actually some good uses for a service like this that are completely legitimate and useful. Let’s take a look …

Let’s get this out of the way right up front. I do NOT endorse having someone else do your academic work for you. Even if you are completely directing the process with an outline and your own unique thoughts, handing in a paper that someone wrote for you is not something I can support.

However, there are many instances outside of school and academic work where having someone write something for you is perfectly acceptable. This is especially true when it comes to re-writing and editing services. Luckily for me, the folks at EssayOnTime, a company providing writing services from Australia recognize the broader opportunity too! Don't worry Americans - you can use them too ...

Correcting and Editing Citations

One of the things I absolutely hated about writing essays for college was having to cite stuff in the proper format. Having another person look over your work and ensure that you have the correct formatting is a huge benefit. Even later in life, there are many situations were properly citing a source isn't just nice ... but it can get you in major trouble if done wrong.

Editing an Essay That You Wrote

Similar to citation editing, simply having someone look over the entire essay and correct run-on sentences, spelling, grammar, and other errors can be the difference between positive response and a negative one. This isn’t you having someone write something for you … it’s just making sure that what you wanted to say comes out correctly!

This is true for academic papers as well as business documents as well as even your annual Christmas letter to family and friends.

Business Plan and Proposal Writing

There are many brilliant people that I’ve met who are terrible writers. That shouldn’t be a reason to deny them funding for an idea that they have. Essay writing services can connect these entrepreneurs with writers that can help them take what they WANT to say and put it down on paper in a way that others will be able to read and understand.

Newsletter Writing

Do you have a community newsletter? An essay writing service could be the perfect solution for those of you who don’t want to - or don’t feel comfortable - write the article themselves.

Truthfully, I occasionally use a service to pre-write posts for me since while I might have the idea of what I want to write, it can be challenging to be creative all the time.

By having someone else write stuff for you, it can save time and energy allowing you to focus on what you are best at.