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When you are a starting entrepreneur, you may think there is nothing special you should know about finances except the starting price to enter the market. But in a while, when your business runs well and starts growing, you will need to make confident decisions requiring a deeper understanding of financial operations and investments. On the one hand, you can hire a financial advisor to help you understand some financial issues, but nobody will help you see the complete financial picture of your business but you.

Can you believe that it's already September? Summer vacations are over, kids are back in school and it's now back to business as usual. As a grocery delivery company, you're used to the slump that happens during the summer. But now that everyone is back to their regular routine, it's now time for you to start planning for a boom in business. Cooler temps mean more people ordering from home, which means you need to be ready when the orders start coming in. In addition to working with the right vendors, there are other things you can do to make things go smoothly. Below are four insider tips to prep for the winter delivery season.

Everyone has had a job at one point in life or another and some of us have chosen to simply hop from one job to the next without figuring out how to develop this progression into a career. In many ways, my peers - other bloggers - do the same thing. They start with a work of passion - sharing food photos, political opinions, or thoughts about their favorite cars and travel destinations. In fact, that's how I got started too. For me now though, this is my career and that means that it's more than just making money doing things for other people. I'm in control and while that doesn't eliminate risk or heartbreak ... it is an unbelievable feeling knowing that I'm focused on refining my talents, developing my skills, refusing to sit back and assume I know everything, and in fact constantly trying to advance in every aspect of what I do.

Running your own trucking company is an extremely rewarding enterprise, but it's not without challenges. From managing the business to keeping your drivers happy and your customers satisfied, a lot can be on your plate as a trucking business owner or manager. You may have a great business plan and all, but a few things can make or break your success.

With the average American spending almost as much time at work as they do at home, it’s no wonder that desk jobs have been linked to higher rates of obesity and other adverse health effects. However, even though you may spend most of your work day at a desk, that doesn’t mean that being chained to one all day is good for your health. In fact, research has found that people who work desk jobs are significantly more likely to be overweight or obese than those who don’t spend so much time at a computer. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you can’t get fit while working at a desk all day. In fact, with the right strategies and habits, it will actually make it easier to stay in shape while spending so much time in an office every day. Keep reading for our top tips for getting and staying fit while working at a desk all day.