Considering Starting A Restaurant? Tips To Build Out Your Kitchen

starting a restaurant here's what to know
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This might seem like a terrible time to open a restaurant but the good news is that COVID will be almost over and there are going to be a lot of options as the economy recovers. There's already a year worth of pent up demand for dining in restaurants and that joy of a steaming hot dinner delivered right to your table without worrying about masks or cardboard boxes as you take it home. If you are considering starting a restaurant, you've probably already budgeted for ovens and cooktops as well as freezers, but equally important is a stainless steel wall shelf. Without that, there's no place to store all the important stuff!

Shopping for a stainless steel wall shelf, you must consider the main selection criteria. It includes size, weight capacity, and type of installation. Before going into the buying process, clearly define your commercial needs, as your choice will also depend on the items you want to store there and the location in the kitchen where exactly you need to attach the wall shelf, so it can perform its key function in a hassle-free manner. A lot of nuances should be taken into account before your final pick. But basically, the main distinguishing feature of a stainless steel wall shelf is its design and shape.

If you want to mount the shelf in your commercial space to boost the storage capacity of the working zone and facilitate the work in your kitchen, you must select a place for them in accordance with ergonomics requirements. Apart from dimensions and form, consider the depth. If the deep shelf is hung at the wrong height, your staff won't get free access to the stored items there. So a stainless steel wall shelf will become not an assistant but an obstacle that only prevents quick food prep processes.

Pick The Perfect Shelving Unit For Your Restaurant

Generally, the commercial wall shelves can be divided into:

  • classic stainless steel wall shelf: such shelves can consist of one or more tiers. They are easy to install, it is enough to make supports on the wall and attach the structure. One tier metal solid shelves can be used as an extra surface for heavyweight household appliances, such as microwave ovens. However, such equipment is versatile enough, so you can use it for ingredients, products, and kitchen tools.
  • triangle corner shelf: an ergonomic space-safe option that allows you to use any angle in the room. They are suitable for any kitchen. Select an option with no sharpen edge design to avoid accidentally scratching your staff. Investing in safe triangle shelves, you can keep the working zone organized, clean, and tidy.
  • hanging shelves: a relatively new version of the shelves that takes up less space and leaves more room for food prep processes. They are attached to the ceiling or wall, using metal chains or ropes. Thus, the commercial kitchen looks more open and spacious.
  • mounted over-shelf: mixing bowl, utensils, food supplies, and everything you need to keep within the reach are possible to locate above the table.

Stainless Steel Prep Table With Wheels and Other Top Choices of Commercial Equipment

Apart from shelving systems, there is another essential equipment for your food establishment such as equipment stands. Highly cleanable, built to last, and impact-resistant stands help maintain sanitary conditions. The high weight capacity will expand your storage opportunities. Before purchasing, you must obtain the proper measurements (width, height, and depth) to be sure it will fit perfectly. Stainless steel table with casters is one more trend for restaurants. With a mobile and movable table with wheels, you gain more efficiency and facilitate cleaning practices.

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