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Ideas for the Perfect Virtual Gifts to Give Your Friends this Holiday Season

virtual gifting ideas

Everyone wants to give the perfect gift but this year, between shipping issues internationally as well as delays with the postal service, physical gifts might not be the ideal way to celebrate the holidays. Don't worry, we have your back and put this list of virtual gift ideas together. Plus, you can still wrap the email in an envelope and mail it if you want!

Physical Gifts Might Not Be The Best Option

There are a bunch of reasons why physical gifts might not be the best option this year. While there are some - such as not being sure the exact size for instance, that are true every year, this year is a bit different.

For instance, while shipping can be expensive and can take weeks to arrive normally, this year we're going to notice that store shelves simply won't have the products we are expecting. This is due to the supply chain problems resulting in fewer products being manufactured, longer shipping times to the stores, and then scalpers and internet resellers scooping up what inventory is available and offering it for sale online at much higher prices.

Additionally, these same delays with the postal service may cause gifts not to show up on time even if you do manage to find it online or in store and want to send it someone.

Additionally, there is increased awareness and sensitivity about waste and so physical gift wrapping isn't always the most eco-friendly option. Likewise, shipping physical items around the country isn't exactly great for the environment either. While there are more sustainable options with regard to reducing waste, the ultimate act of shipping heavy boxes long distances simply can't be ignored.


Why Virtual Gifts Are A Great Idea For All Ages

Virtual Gifts Are A Great Alternative To Something That Might Not Arrive On Time Or May Be Expensive And Wasteful! Here's What You Can Get Your Friends This Holiday Season

If you're looking for a great gift idea this holiday season that is equally as personal, then why not consider virtual gifts? These are perfect when it comes to avoiding shipping issues or when getting something from another country.

We normally think of virtual gifts as another word for "gift cards" but that's really just shifting the burden around to the person you are gifting. Now THEY need to go out and find the products they want and experience the frustration of them not being available.

Instead, virtual gifts come in a wide variety of options that offer great benefits that will both make your gift shopping experience easier as well as more productive and maybe even more sustainably minded too.

  1. Virtual gifts are a great option for people who can't get to the store
  2. They're also perfect for those who want to avoid shipping issues and delays with the postal service
  3. These gifts are easy and eco-friendly, unlike physical items that may be difficult or wasteful to ship
  4. And they're just as personal as any other gift!
  5. It's easier than ever to find virtual gift ideas, thanks to sites like Amazon or Etsy where you can buy digital content such as songs, movies, clothes, games - anything!
  6. You can shop, send and redeem virtual gifts by phone not just a desktop PC
  7. It's much more affordable than buying something in person at a store because you are saving both time and energy shopping.
  8. It's much more relaxing to shop from home instead of getting stressed out with holiday crowd
  9. You can send a virtual gift instantly ... even from the bathroom if you forgot to buy your friend something already!


Virtual Gift Ideas Beyond Just Gift Cards

Gift Cards are clearly the go-to-gift when it comes to any discussion of virtual gifting ideas. However, we can be more creative than that. Additionally, as we explored above ... this year a gift card might not even guarantee that your giftee gets what he or she is dreaming of. Instead, even if you do choose a gift card - look for virtual options that will bring joy and excitement immediately.

Skins, Upgrades and Points For Online Games

When playing online games, one of the most frustrating modern trends is the constant prompting to buy a special skin, an upgrade for your vehicle, or a new map to play on. These can be fun but honestly it sucks to pay for it. However, it makes a great option for a gift idea.

Airline and Hotel Loyalty Points

For people who travel a lot, it is easy to get enough points for free upgrades at hotels or airline tickets. For casual travelers though, those points and miles can make upgrades elusive.

Digital Concert Tickets

If a person has been wanting to see their favorite band in concert but it's hard or expensive, then why not buy digital tickets? Then when that special day comes around, everyone is going to have an amazing time!

You could also do this as a concert or admission to a local music venue that you know your friend will enjoy.

Gift Vouchers For Local Hot Spots

If you live in a big city there are probably dozens of cool little shops and restaurants that people would love to check out. However, it can be hard to find them - much less afford the entire experience without knowing what they have already tried or where their interests lie. Instead, why not give them a gift card to your favorite restaurant so they can try it out for themselves?

By selecting local, independent restaurants, bars, and other venues you are keeping the money and economy going by supporting people instead of large corporations that own national chains.

Online Classes

They say knowledge makes a great gift and we agree. Online course sites like Skillshare or Udemy make it possible for someone to learn new skills and follow their passion on a wide variety of topics. Even if it is just purely entertainment, this is a fun way to send a virtual gift to someone special.

Charity Donation Made In Their Name

Another option is to choose a charity and make a donation in the name of your friend. If you do this, make sure to select a cause or mission that your giftee is passionate about. This shows that you care and took the time to do something special.

Gift Food and Drink Delivery

While this isn't quite "virtual" sending a friend a surprise dinner or a bottle of their favorite alcohol is a pretty easy and fun gift that won't require you fighting through crowds at the mall this holiday season.

Streaming Service Subscriptions

You can even send the gift of entertainment by giving someone a credit for access to their favorite streaming service such as Disney+ or the ability to buy on demand movies and other content through Google Play for instance. Depending on the person you are sending this to, not only will the subscription be something to entertain THEM ... it could be a way to keep the entire family happy.

Gift Cards For Rewarding Your Favorite Creators

Creators like myself and many of my friends depend on ads that you may see on this article from our advertisers. However, many folks also have shows on Twitch or YouTube where viewers can directly support them. Buying a gift card for a friend to reward their favorite creators is perhaps the ultimate virtual gift idea since it quite literally gifts twice!

With this list, you no longer have to worry about getting amazon or ebay cashbacks, or about target vs walmart, wayfair vs overstock, or this store vs that, because all these products can be found, of course, all online!

Virtual Gifts Aren't A Cop Out - They Can Be Just As Thoughtful

Virtual gifts aren't a cop out, they can be just as thoughtful of a gift. In fact, you can be a lot more thoughtful when it comes to virtual gifts because there is no pressure of going out and finding the perfect thing only to have them not like it. Instead, just pick something that makes sense for both yourself and your friend or family member!


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