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  • Father's Day Tech Gifts

    Father’s Day is this weekend and so it’s time to check out some of our favorite tech gifts for dad! From ear buds to robot bartenders, we’ve got something for every dad.

  • Denali College Logo Blankets Are Perfect For Keeping Warm During Bowl Games

    We're in the final stretch of bowl season and I know a lot of you will be watching from home on your couch. I know we'll be rooting for Michigan tonight and then hopefully again in the National Championship next week too. Regardless of what ranking your favorite team might be though, these make a great gift idea... or just buy one for yourself and keep warm this winter.

  • This Nuts & Exotic Meats Box Is The Perfect Father's Day Gift

    Looking for a last minute Father's Day gift or just an everyday gift for a guy you care about? We're not that complicated to shop for. While my wife laughed and said, "do guys really want that as a gift?" when it arived, I looked fondly at the box and thought, Damn Man this is a great gift.  It just goes to show that sometimes clichés can be true. While not all guys will love sausage and nuts... chances are the guy you are shopping for will.

  • Valentine's Gift Ideas For Men Who Love To Eat

     They say that the way to a man's heart is through his mouth so we're going to share four awesome Valentine's Day Gifts that men will love!

  • Gift Guide For Guys Working From Home

    As the Holiday Season continues to progress, one thing is for certain. This was year where many of us discovered that working from home wasn't as easy as simply throwing a laptop on the kitchen table. The sad ----> as well as the wonderful reality is that going forward, working from home will become even more normal than it was just last year. Home offices are becoming a standard fixture in the American workplace and that means that you need to spend some time and energy making it more physically comfortable as well as more productive. We've put together a few recommendations that would serve as great gift ideas for your home office.

  • Hunting Gifts For Men

    There are several different types of products related to hunting that could turn out to be fantastic gift ideas. We are going to explore five of the best hunting gift ideas by looking at several different factors. Product reputation, brand quality, and value will all be factored into our gift recommendations. It can be exceptionally challenging to find the right gift but this list should help to give you several convenient gift ideas for hunting.

  • Gifts For Gamers

    There are tons of great gift ideas that you will probably want to consider. This post will primarily focus on five of the best gift ideas for gamers. The gaming industry has a wide selection of items and there are a lot of different possible products that you could take a look at. Several premium gaming accessories are going to be included as gift ideas within this post because they are some of the most popular ideas for possible gamer gifts.

  • Craft Jerky Co Introduces Jerky of the Month Club

    Looking for a great gift for dad? Check out Craft Jerky Co and their "Jerky of the Month" Club where you can get a box of awesome craft jerky selections sent every month.

  • Gift Ideas For Guys Who Love The Great Outdoors

    Crackling campfires, scenic views, and endless exploration and activities. Who doesn’t love the great outdoors? According to the Outdoor Industry Association, half of Americans participated in outdoor recreation in 2018. If you know a guy who loves the great outdoors, check out these gift ideas that are ideal for any occasion.

  • Gift Ideas For Photographers

    There are few gifts that can mean quite as much to a recipient as those that show how much you understand them, their passions, and what drives them.

  • Gifting Ideas for Couples Who Want To Show Their Love

    Buying gifts for your partner can be difficult, so make it a little easier on yourself by getting in on the action too by buying her some couples gifts she’ll love. These items are also great for those other couples in your lives and will help you kill two lots of Christmas shopping with one metaphorical stone. 

  • Tips for Buying That Perfect Gift For Mom

    As we grow older it can be more and more difficult to find the perfect gift. Think of it this way, when you were a kid - your mom LOVED that macaroni necklace you made for her in school... as a 40-year-old man that gift loses it's luster. Sure, you still buy a coffee mug that says #1 Mom" but anyone can get that too. Let's kick things up a notch and look for something truly special. For instance - gifts that provides an experience, an opportunity to explore, or something that will bring back happy memories.

  • With Deejo You Can Make a Knife That Matches Your Personality

    A fine blade is something that warriors have always prized. It's not merely a tool, but something that fuses with the man who wields it. While most of us no longer survive based on our prowess in sword fighting or using a knife to defend ourselves in combat, there's still great honor in owning a custom blade. While that prospect can be fantastically expensive in some instances, French company Deejo offers some great custom knives at under $70.

  • Preserving Memories With Prints on Canvas from CanvasPop

    I take a lot of photos and while it's great to see them on the computer or my phone and share them on Facebook... there's nothing that can compare to printing them out. I've been a fan of the prints on canvas format for a few years now and honestly I typically bounce around from one vendor to the next depending on the deals offered online. CanvasPop offered to let me try their service though and I'm impressed. Not only were the images color accurate and printed flawlessly, but the canvas and frames were far superior to other services out there.

  • Tips For Making Your Secret Santa Gift a Knockout Hit

    Secret Santa gift exchanges are an almost ubiquitous tradition these days. You'll find them at work, in clubs, sports teams, even online societies. As an adult, I love this idea since it brings back some of the social nature of exchanging gifts with people that aren't just family. Here's some tips to help make sure it's a success.

  • How to Pick a Gift For the Woman In Your Life

    The holidays are here again and for some of us guys it can give us a little anxiety on what to get the ladies in our lives. My wife is writing the rest of this article with ideas on how to find the perfect gift for all the women in your life. Good luck men!

  • Men's Fashion Gifts For Looking Good During the Holidays

    When it comes to buying gifts, we often forget about making sure we look and feel good too. The folks over at BabbleBoxx.com sent us some great items to help guys look great while not spending a ton of money doing so. Products included here include selections from: ZENNI Optical, Ties.com, Dr Scholl's, Beau Brummell, and because earbuds and headphones are sooooo last year, a super cool item from the folks at AfterShokz.

  • Gear Guide For Gamers Building a Game Room On a Budget

    Sure, you can connect your Xbox to pretty much any old TV and start playing... but what's the fun in that? There are so many awesome gaming accessories now that the hardcore gamer has so many options to customize their experience. Here's a few of our favorite products for guys who love video games!

  • Tailgater Tire Table: Perfect For Tailgaters Without Tailgates

    For those with trucks, tailgate parties and trail lunches are easy... in fact, the entire act of tailgating sorta implies that you have a tailgate. What if you have an SUV or a car though? Setting stuff up in the trunk just isn't the same and that means you have to bring a big bulky table with you. Luckily, I've found a solution!

  • Companies and Products We Love On IndieDoGood.Com

    I love mentoring small business owners and helping them grow. Unfortunately, some will succeed and some will fail but entrepreneurs manifest the power of unbridled innovation. This only limiting factors preventing success are often marketing and mentorship. The internet has provided all of us a marketplace for connecting with consumers, yet few people are actually good at making, marketing, and selling. That's where IndieDoGood.com comes in. 

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