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Help Caribbean Tourism Recover By Supporting Operation #TropicComeback

Magans Bay, St. Thomas USVI

The Caribbean is a special place of warm crystal clear water, bright colors, hot sand, delicious food and perhaps most importantly - friendly, hard-working people. Over this summer and fall has seen a series of tragic events across the entire region. From Texas's Gulf Coast communities to Mexico all the way across to the Lesser Antilles and everything in between, the region has been affected by storms in ways that will continue to impact it for years to come. There are far more qualified organizations than us that are already helping the immediate recovery efforts. What comes next though? Once the roads are cleared, the resorts are rebuilt, and the kitchens are open again ... will visitors still flock to the same places as before? Or will they chose other areas instead?

What is #TropicComeback and Why is it Important?

I'm joined by other bloggers who also love this region, including: TwoMonkeysTravelGroup.com and WhereverIMayRoam.com. Our goal with #TropicComeback is to support tourism recovery by promoting recovery efforts along with amazing opportunities in the region. From Caribbean cruises to all inclusive as well as boutique and eco resorts, we're here to help encourage people to spend their dollars here.

Right now, you already have cruise ships (temporarily) shifting away from ports like St Maarten and St Thomas while they begin to recover - and that is the right decision. However, what about the cooks, maids, laundry services, tour guides, taxi drivers, and other people who depend on those tourists? Simply put - most of them have no insurance and many lost everything in the storms. Without the ability to make money, things will never fully recover.

What are we Doing to Promote Caribbean Tourism Recovery?

The #TropicComeback group will evolve over time, but initially there are four main efforts that we are organizing:

1) This web page will feature information about recovery efforts happening at specific destinations, as well as resources for those wanting to donate money and supplies. (We will provide links to organizations but these should not be seen as a direct endorsement)

2) We will be holding bi-weekly Twitter Parties talking about different destinations, activities, and opportunities awaiting visitors in the areas impacted by the recent disasters.

3) We are starting an Instagram handle, @TropicComeback and hashtag #TropicComeback to encourage others to share their favorite photos of the region.

4) We will be donating space on ManTripping.com and other media to promote the region as well.

Through these efforts, we hope that the recovery will be faster and more complete than it otherwise might be. 

How Can I Help #TropicComeback?

This is a community effort and there are lots of ways for you to support this effort ...

Bloggers and Social Media Users - Share your favorite photos using hashtag #TropicComeback, as well as like, share, and comment on other people's photos. We also would love to have you join the Twitter Parties and help promote this page as well so that more people can get involved.

Media and Journalists - There is power in numbers, so any attention you can bring to this campaign is appreciated. 

Tourism and Brand Marketers - Let us know what we can do to help your destination recover! Additionally, if you are in a position to offer prizing for us to give away during the Twitter Parties that would be a huge help too. Finally, we also look forward to sharing your images and information on the various social media networks we manage so please contact us with that content too.

Everyone Else - This region needs every bit of help that we collectively can offer. Please share content with your friends that inspires you to want to visit the affected areas, click on links to learn more about recovery efforts, if you have the ability to donate time, money, and resources then do so.

For more information about Operation #TropicComeback please email: tropiccomeback@mantripping.com. We're always open to new ideas on how we can help.

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