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Advice from dad and important tips for men that you wish your dad had shared with you as a kid!
  • Five Facts You Didn't Know About Getting Car Sick

    You're driving down the highway when you start to feel nauseous. You know that feeling all too well, it's car sickness! The symptoms can range in severity but they are always unpleasant. However, there are some facts about getting car sick that you may not be aware of. Read on to find out five things you didn't know about getting car sick and how they might affect your next drive!

  • Good Locks Are The Key To Keeping Your Family Secure

    It’s been a rough couple years. I first moved into my loft about six years ago, and I knew that urban areas weren't going to be as safe and secure as other places to live. That’s why it is important to have BHMA® Certified Secure Home™ locks and deadbolts protecting your home. This label is more than just words printed on the lock claiming to protect your home - it is an indication that the builder and property manager have chosen a quality product instead of leaving your security as a secondary concern.

  • The Pandemic Changed My Perspective On Planning For The Future

    The challenges we’ve faced with the pandemic over the past nearly two years have been difficult for a lot of us. Personally though, I’ve been relatively lucky as the time spent at home and not traveling on a weekly basis has given me a chance to re-evaluate my goals and figure out what I want to do in the future. It has allowed me to optimize my objectives in life and begin to create a brighter future focused on what is important in life. One of these core things is finding partners like Golden 1 Credit Union to work with who are experts in their field and can help make my goals a reality.

  • Tips To Take Your Small Business Branding To The Next Level

    Branding is undoubtedly crucial for businesses of all sizes in this modern and competitive business environment. Your brand is the face of your enterprise and can be one of your most essential assets to build your company's reputation. However, your branding efforts need to be spot on to bring you success since experts estimate that you have only seven seconds to make a first impression. If you want to learn more about branding your small business effectively, consider the insights below.

  • An Empty Nesters Guide To Preparing For Your Children To Leave Home

    The day your child leaves home is a bittersweet moment. You'll be excited to have more time and space, but you'll also miss the hugs and kisses from your little one. As an empty nesters couple, it's important for you to take some time off before they leave so that you can spend quality time with them on their last few days at home. It's also a good idea to set up any new routines in advance so that things are running smoothly once they're gone - this will make sure that they feel safe when they go back home. Here are 11 ways to prepare for your children leaving home.

  • Do You Really Need Winter Tires Instead of All Weather Ones?

    If you live in a place that has four seasons, winter tires might be the best choice for you. Winter tires have been designed to maintain traction on snow and ice while all-season tires are not. In this blog post, we will discuss five reasons why it is worth investing in winter tires instead of all-season ones.

  • Ways To Improve Your Quality Of Life

    Many people struggle with what they perceive as their quality of life. Quality of life is one of our most important goals in life. Knowing how to live your best life can be challenging. That’s why we need to really enjoy our lives and constantly work on improving it. There are many things that you can do to improve your life and make it better than ever before.

  • Ways to Celebrate Halloween Remotely

    Halloween is just around the corner, and it seems like we’ll have to spend another year in our homes instead of in bars competing in costume parties with our friends. Still, that doesn’t mean October 31st will be a total wash; there are plenty of things you can do to celebrate the spooky season from the safety of your home. Even remote work teams will enjoy these simple ideas.

  • Safety Tips for Long Road Trips

    One of the best ways to see America is by taking a road trip. However, you need to be careful about safety on your way. Trips that are long can take a toll on your body and mind, which is why it’s important to take precautions before you set out.

  • Five Questions Men Ask About Life Insurance

    Life insurance is crucial to ensure your dependents are well taken care of if you suddenly die. Life insurance is a complex topic to discuss as there is much to consider, particularly your mortality.

  • What You Need to Consider Before Planning a Move to a Different Country

    Moving to a different country is a big decision. There are many things that you need to think about and plan ahead for before making the final move. You will need to decide on what type of visa you will be getting, how long it will take, if your spouse can come with you, and so much more! In this blog post we'll cover all the factors you should consider when planning a move abroad.

  • Things You Could Say or Do to Get Kicked Off a Cruise

    Cruise ships are floating resorts where the staff can sometimes seem obsessive about making sure you have a great time and the word "no" is seldom heard. However, it is important to remember the rules. Cruise lines have strict guidelines about what you can do or say without getting kicked off of one of their cruises. While most of these rules and regulations for what you can't do on a cruise ship may seem obvious, others can seem absurd.

  • Tips and Tricks To Save Money on Your Daily Commute to Work

    Commuting costs are a part of life that you have no choice but to endure. However, it doesn't have to be as costly as you might think. In this blog post, we will talk about tips and tricks for reducing costs and ways to save money on your daily commute to work!

  • Paying Cash Or Financing? Which One Is Better When Buying A Car?

    Almost every experienced car enthusiast knows that shelling out money on a car, regardless of whether it is new or used, requires a ton of money. Depending on your financial statement, you have two modes of payment to choose from. If you have the resources and buying power, any expert would definitely recommend you to pay in cash. Cash is always a preferred mode of payment as there is no debt involved. However, not everyone has the privilege of counting thick notes on their fingertips.

  • Things For Dads To Do With The Kids Inside When It's Raining

    If the weather outside doesn’t look great, sometimes the best thing to do is stay in and enjoy yourselves within the comfort of your own home. Instead of letting your children do things on their own to amuse themselves, why not get involved and do things together? There are so many different things you can do within your home, that are both creative and fun at the same time. From a games day together to a movie day in with a takeaway as a treat, below are four things to do with your kids inside when it’s raining. 

  • Eight Strategies to Prevent Car Shopping Stress

    Car shopping is one of the most stressful things that anyone can ever do. It's a long process and you have to ask questions, test out different models, and go through all sorts of hoops just to find the perfect car for you. In this blog post, we will discuss seven strategies that will help make your car shopping experience less stressful!

  • How to Save Money Parking: 5 Things You Should (and Shouldn't) Do

    Parking can be an expensive business, and costs will mount up if you regularly have to pay to leave your car in busy areas during peak periods.

  • Ultralight Packing Tips: How to Fit Your Weeklong Trip into One Small Bag

    You can spot an over-packer from a mile away. They’re the traveler using both hands to drag a suitcase across the cobblestones of Rome. They’re the backpacker banging train passengers as they awkwardly fumble down the aisle. They struggle through subway stations, strain their backs up staircases and spend a whole hour waiting at the airport baggage carousel for their third piece of luggage to make an appearance.

  • Ways That Guys Can Stay Safe, Healthy, and Protect Themselves When Dating

    It's always a good idea to stay safe when dating. While we think of this usually as protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy, there are a ton of other things to take into consideration too. For instance, just the act of sharing a cab together this past year could have lead to a life threatening illness. As we begin to return to normal and dating resumes it is important to remember that there are other viruses, physical, and emotional dangers to protect yourself from.

  • Quitting Smoking Isn’t Easy But Now Is A Great Time To Start

    #for18+ Smoking is a habit that can creep up and change your life. While everyone has their own unique story of how they started, there is one thing most smokers have in common - the struggle to quit. I have my own vices but smoking thankfully isn’t one of them. My wife though struggled to quit when we first met, but with smoking cessation products like these from Walgreens, her struggle could have been a lot easier.