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London Stag Do Bachelor Party Ideas that The Bride Won't Mind

London Stag Do Bachelor Party Ideas That The Bride Won't Mind

Whether you are an American or Canadian guy looking to send your buddy off in style or a European looking for an awesome excuse to party, London is a great city to visit. While stag do and bachelor parties do tend to explore the naughtier side of our nature, you can still have an incredible time without getting the bride mad. London is one of those cities, that is brimming with almost any sort of…
Philippines Adventures for Guys

Awesome Ideas For Guys To Explore In The Philippines

Most Americans unfortunately only have a vague understanding of what Philippines is all about. The country is so off the radar when it comes to mainstream tourism, that it’s likely you won’t even consider going there on your next mancation. This is really a shame, since going to beautiful undeveloped countries opens up a ton of possibilities to have fun and enjoy a very special holiday. Plus,…

While we in North America typically refer to our guys-only vacations as "mancations", our European and Australian brothers refer to them as a "Lads Holiday".

Instead of heading to a race at Indy, they might take a lads holiday to see an F1 race. While we might head to the caribbean to enjoy some fun in the sun, they might visit Magaluf or beaches in Egypt.

Additionally, lads holidays tend to be younger and more party oriented.

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Class 4 days in Brazil 🇧🇷 with the lads. Onwards to Argentina tomorrow 🇦🇷 #ladsholiday #copacabana #riodejaneiro #brazil #holiday #flamengo #maracanã
Tune into @itv2 tonight to catch me on @ibizaweekender ⏰☀️
Mood: another full week of work before Benidorm. 🌝
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A night out in 60 seconds ⏰
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Stansted ➡️ Berlin ➡️ Milan
When your first holiday is shit just book another one 👊🏽 #boysandbeers #stansted #berlin #milan #tattoos #airport #beard #ladsholiday #VAR #cathedral #spire #sightseeing #upthegas
Not long until the #Vegas Pool season is back in full swing again! 🙌🏼💦 🎉 Still not booked your itinerary? 💭 Fear not my friends, we still have some amazing packages and deals available for groups of all sizes 👍🏼🇬🇧🇺🇸 ...
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“Bitch, did you just call me Wesley?” LOL
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Put yourself with good people, in a good headspace, that will take you to great places.
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12 years between photos! First ever holiday with the lads 17 years old vs 29 years old 😂. #lads #firstholiday #outout #ladsholiday
First resolution for the year achieved. 5 days in Geneva and Chamonix with my boys @moderndayheathen and @milldogg_ can't wait! #travel #bros #ladsholiday #meandowenaregoingtospoon
If you are planning on getting away from it all and would like to holiday like a rockstar ⭐️all over the world🌍 Im delighted to announce that I am here to help!💁🏼‍♀️
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"In honour of countless people who who left their homeland to create freely in the heroic struggle for art. Many felt alone, isolated and like losers. But never surrender, their example inspired the world."
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On a countdown now. 6 days time and me & Rich begin our own mini tour following @thewildhearts for 4 nights. Trains & hotels booked for Manchester & London. Sunday off. Then drive to Cardiff for Monday night’s gig. Then ...
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I Filmed My Lads Holiday In Zante...Girlfriend NOT Happy! (ZANTE 2019) ZANTE 2019 I Filmed My Lads Holiday In Zante... Girlfriend NOT Happy! (ZANTE 2019) yooo! so i haven't uploaded in ages but i'm back with a zante 2019 lads ...
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