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    Amazing Mancation Ideas

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    Phrases You Should Never Ever Hear During a Mancation

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    Golf, Rum, and Fishing on an Ultimate Caribbean Mancation Cruise

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    Punta Gorda Florida Ultimate Mancation Guide

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Equus Hotel Offers Polo Package

Hawaii's Equus Hotel offers Polo Package

Most guests to Hawaii probably are thinking about beaches, flowers, and volcanoes, but the Equus Hotel in Waikiki Beach is promoting its equestrian theme with Complimentary Polo Tickets and the Option to Take an Oceanside Horseback Ride or Polo Lesson on Oahu's North Shore. If this sounds like a fun Hawaiian mancation then check it out ...

Mancation Tips and Advice

phrases you should never hear on a mancation

Phrases You Should Never Ever Hear During a Mancation

There are all sorts of guys getaways, but at the core of a mancation is letting loose and being manly men without regard to many societal norms. That means it's OK to fart and burp but there are phrases that should never be uttered (unless you want to face the ire and ridicule of your comrades!).
How to Plan a Guys Getaway That Your Sober Friends Will Enjoy

How To Plan a Guys Getaway Your Sober Friends Will Enjoy Too

One of my challenges with managing this site over the past decade is that the concept of a "guys weekend" tends to evoke images of wild, balls to the wall partying when in fact that's just one way to go. As I've gotten older however, I've discovered that many of my friends either choose not to drink, or unfortunately have discovered that they have problems with various substances. This can prove…

Mancations can take many forms, from golf trips with the guys to elaborate and luxurious once in a lifetime experiences.

The term "mancation" is widely considered to have come from Vince Vaughn's character in the movie, "The Breakup" released in 2006. However, it has since grown to be a general term referring to any men-only vacation, similar to the more common "girls getaways".

Other words that are also used to refer to a men-only vacation include: guys getaway, boys weekend, lads holiday, and even a brocation.

Over the past several years, as this site has grown we have had the chance to talk with a number of media about mancations and why taking a mancation is not just an excuse for "boys behaving badly" but is actually a very important opportunity for men to bond, share ideas, learn new skills, and be men without having to apologize.

Sometimes it's tough to get out of your fishing and golfing rut when planning a mancation, so here's some of our favorite mancation ideas:

Sand, Surf, Fishing, and Motorsports in Daytona Beach

Get a Swanky Suite in Las Vegas

How to Plan an Amazing Beercation in San Diego

Ultimate Detroit Mancation Ideas


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Mancation V Men being men..
Music: Whiskey In My Soul by Moonshine Bandits
Las Vegas Golf Vacation, "ManCation" Golf Life wants you to enjoy your very own "Mancation" at the best Las Vegas has to offer - stay at the exciting MGM Grand Resort & Casino while experiencing the vegas best golf Las Vegas has to offer at ...
How to Plan a Mancation Watch more How to Travel videos:
When testosterone calls, it's time to round up your best buds and plan a mancation -- a vacation just for you and the dudes, where boys can be boys.
Step 1: Assemble your ...
What is MANCATION? What does MANCATION mean? MANCATION meaning, definition & explanation What is MANCATION? What does MANCATION mean? MANCATION meaning - MANCATION pronunciation - MANCATION definition - MANCATION explanation - How to pronounce MANCATION?
Source: article, adapted under license.
A mancation is a male-only vacation. The term is believed ...
BOWRON ADVENTURE! | THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH. Friends and I go on a man's trek every couple years. This year our trip was canoe paddling on the Bowron Lakes Chain in British Columbia, Canada. A 120km mind blowingly beautiful paddle unlike anywhere else on earth. 🔥Safety Squint ...
Travel Channel - Mancations (Sizzle Reel) - Featuring Evan & Gareth AS SEEN ON TRAVEL CHANNEL! We made an amazing travel channel show and sadly all we have to show for it is this. But its pretty great! (and apparently we're huge in Europe)
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Seven Days on Pride Seven Days on Pride of America Will Change Your View of Hawaii
Seven Days on Pride Seven Days on Pride of America Will Change Your View of Hawaii
Seven Days on Pride Seven Days on Pride of America Will Change Your View of Hawaii
Mancation Vince has carefully planned out every aspect of his seemingly successful life until his plans come crashing down around him just one day after his wedding, ...
cause every man needs a mancation a mancation trip to the beautiful Northwest WI. WiFi not recommended.

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