1800 Tequila's Guide to Greasing

Looking for a way to the front of the line or into the VIP section of that hot club on Cinco de Mayo? 1800 Tequila sends in some great tips on how to grease your way to the top.

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  • Dress to impress. Good looking people make the club look good, so dress like you have money to spend and cut to the front of the line.
  • Find the boss. Never approach a random doorman. Ask for the head bouncer or head of security. Once you know who can get you in, motion him over with a confident head nod.
  • Get ready to grease. Have your $40 or $100 folded in your hand so the bouncer can easily see the denomination of your bills.
  • Recognize the game. As the head bouncer approaches you, at the last second, reach out and attempt to shake his hand. He knows the routine. He’ll accept the handshake.
  • Talk fast. As you’re shaking his hand, tell the bouncer, “I have $100. There are four of us.” The quicker he can get that information the better.
  • Put money in his hand. If the bouncer stalls, reach out and physically put the money in his hand. Be smooth, but aggressive. Once he has your money, you are in.
  • Remember, subtly is the key. Make the big show when you’re actually in the club and tipping for your shots of 1800® Tequila. That’s what you’ll want the girls to notice.

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