A Branson Family Mancation

Looking for a place to take your sons on a family vacation mancation? Branson might just be the place you are looking for - plenty of fun, family friendly activities, and it is surprisingly easy to get to as well.

Branson, Missouri is a place that many have heard of, but it is often mocked as a "redneck version of Vegas" but most of those who mock the place haven't considered all the great things that Branson has to offer for a family vacation. Plus, there are tons of cheap flights - many under $200 from most major cities.

Most mancations we cover here involve college or work buddies, but for those with sons (of any age) it is just as important to spend time hanging out, having fun, exploring new things, and celebrating the special relationships between fathers and sons.

5 Great things Branson Offers for the Family Mancation:

  1. Golf! Did you know there are more than a dozen great golf courses located all around Branson?
  2. Man-friendly Museums! Branson boasts tons of museums, but if you are visiting for a family mancation you should absolutely check out '57 Heaven, Branson Auto Museum, and the Dinosaur Museum. Your kids will have a blast!
  3. Family Entertainment Centers, Mini-Golf, and Go Karts! If you are looking for a little excitement, nothing beats racing go karts, competing with your kids during a round of mini-golf, or any number of other activities at the various Family Entertainment Centers located in and around Branson.
  4. Great Shows! From Chinese acrobats to musical tributes to comedy acts, Branson has something for everyone.
  5. Fishing and Outdoor Adventure! Not everything in Branson is indoors ... explore Table Rock Lake on a pontoon boat, waverunner, or get back to nature with a canoe trip. If water isn't your thing, there are tons of biking and hiking trails too.

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