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Intra Day Hotels - Manchester Hyatt San Diego

As our society evolves, we are moving away from the old-style booking in advance as business, socializing and personal time have become more fluid. People are wanting more immediate satisfaction, compared to carefully planning weeks or months in advance. This is why same day hotels booking offered by HotelsByDay and other companies that are mutually beneficial for hotels and guests, is skyrocketing in popularity in New York, considering the fast life and lack of time. 

Think about it this way - sometimes you just need to book a room for a quick meeting or to clean up before a business meeting and other times you might need a place for a quick nap after an international flight. This is where these hotels come in super handy since you really don't need the whole night and don't want to pay for it either!

So let’s explore some of the benefits that this new style of immediate booking helps both customers and hotels in our constantly moving and evolving world.

Intra-Day Bookings Can Benefit You By Creating New Travel Options

It’s not always possible to plan precisely how your vacation, business trip or travelling will turn out – And this is especially so in the busy city of New York. Unexpected weather, bad traffic holdups and small delays can end messing up your itinerary. However, by utilizing this concept - sometimes even booking it on the same day - you can conveniently find a hotel in New York – or any other city – to stay for the the day, without being charged ridiculous prices.

When I looked it up on HotelsByDay for a local hotel here in San Diego - the Manchester Grand Hyatt was listed as an option. Their "normal" rate for the day I compared is $329 but through HotelsByDay it's only $175 from 9am to 5pm. This means you can use their pool and other amenities for just about half the price during the day instead of looking at it as an overnight option.

Another same day booking example in New York is the DoubleTree Times Square. There, it is only $125 for a stay from 8-4 compared to almost twice that for an overnight stay.

Intra-day hotel booking can also be a godsend for a quick nap between long meetings or while travelling, when all you need is a few hours to nap, shower and revitalize. Hotels typically offer flexible time-bands for accommodation, meaning that you can check in for just a few hours, get the necessary R&R and be on your way – without paying for a full night’s accommodation.

Perfect for International Layovers Too!

There are a TON of locations near airports too, so this also makes it a great option when you arrive in the morning after a long flight and would rather explain a hotel stay vs an airline club purchase on your corporate expense account.

Some hotel chains are even offering special last minute discounts as this trend becomes more poplar due to our continued movement towards an on-demand society.