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Benefits of Keeping Your Workout Regimen While Traveling

Working Out While Traveling

Sometimes it's easy to forget your workout regimen when you are traveling, but this is when it is even more important. In fact, staying healthy and eating right while on the road can actually help you sleep better and get rid of jetlag faster too. Don't worry though, just because you aren't at home with your gym handy, there are some easy things you can do to maintain your program.

Health Benefits of Staying Fit While Traveling:

Being in shape makes it easier to adjust to time changes and the stress releif from a good workout can also help you sleep better too. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, being rested in the morning and ready to face the day is going to be important.

Recent studies show that you can take a week off from your core fitness regimen without significant damage to your routine. However, if you can keep up the physical activity you'll feel better and perform better during your trip.

Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling:

Let's face it - most hotel gyms suck, though there are a few awesome hotel gyms out there. Most however are there to fill a bullet point on a least of amenities more than to actually be useful, so here's some helpful ideas to stay fit while traveling.

Take a Run

This is a great way to see a new area from a different perspective. Watch out though for unfamiliar areas that may not be the most safe and if your hotel happens to be in a bad neighborhood, try something else. Safety trumps fitness any day!

Take the Stairs

I'm not suggesting that you walk up the stairs to your room, but for a quick workout, try running up and down a few flights of stairs. You know it's safe and it should be relatively private as well.

Private On-Demand Fitness Trainers

If you are used to having a trainer at home, there are services where you can get a personal trainer, even just for 30 minutes or an hour without worrying about long time commitments.

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Pack Resistance Bands 

While you can't pack weights in your bag, resistance bands are light enough that you won't have a problem packing them in your luggage. With these, you can do basic workouts in the privacy of your hotel room.


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