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The National Hotel

If you are traveling with your buddies anywhere in the New England Region, a stay at the National Hotel should definitely be in the cards. Located on Black Island, the hotel itself is situated directly on the bay, with ready boat access right out the back of the property. Spring and summer bring green grass and amazingly great weather, so almost any outdoor activity is waiting for traveling parties of any size to take part in.

Location Is Everything

Situated less than a dozen miles off the beautiful coast of Rhode Island, The National Hotel is located squarely within the only town in Block Island. New Shoreham is right next to the ferry terminal, and it affords guys of all ages the opportunity to ride bikes, fish, sail, or simply relax with a deliciously cold pint of craft beer! The scenery is breathtaking, with hills and valleys providing just the right mix of fitness and scenic views.

aerial view of The National Hotel and Block Island

Jeeps are also available for rent nearby the hotel. This allows for a bit of off-roading adventure that allows guys to bond in ways never before thought possible. There is something about getting out on the open trails, hitting some bumps along the way, and just enduring an adventure type activity together. This is the type of stuff that simply is not possible in the city!

A Complete Getaway

The National Hotel really does provide it all. In addition to the great location and the outdoor activities just written about, the property provides visitors with all the comforts of home. Guys will have no problem eating here, as the cuisine is out of this world. Order up a great steak or fresh seafood, the choice is up to the guest. The bay is nearby, allowing men the opportunity to get in some boating and fishing in the morning, before hitting the trails in the afternoon.

Everyone needs to get away from the hustle and bustle of life from time to time. If you are in the New England area, consider getting together some friends and planning a weekend at the National Hotel. You will return home a much better man for it.