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Day 2 Trip Around Lake Michigan

Greetings Mantrippers from our evening stop here in Manistique, MI in the UP. We had mostly a traveling day today but I will recap some of our highlights. We started our day where we left off yesterday in Fish Creek, Door County. We did not have time to visit the downtown but took the time to visit the White Gull Inn for what Good Morning America described as “America’s Best Breakfast”. This “Best” dish was Cherry Cream Cheese stuffed French Toast you would surely enjoy if you like cherries and do not mind an extra sweet start to your day. The Inn was extremely warm in décor and the staff was very polite. It really got going around 9:00am as the wait was starting to build, so best bets is to get there around 8am.

Leaving Fish Creek we drove south into the town of Carlsville to see Cookie the Cow whose home is found at Schopf’s Hilltop Dairy. Cookie is essentially the 15ft high mascot of the farm whom provides much of the dairy used by Land o’ Lakes. It was a unique stop, unfortunately it was closed so we were unable to dive into anything further, but an interesting stop if you are fond of or work in agriculture or food production.

From here we were back on the road and headed toward Green Bay to our next stop in Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. Upon arriving in to town I was surprised at the location of the stadium. I assumed it would be next to the downtown or shoreline, but in fact was in a residential and business district. While I felt it took away from some of it’s appeal, the stadium itself in truth reflected the city it represents. The exterior was simple brick façade and looked very industrial, which represents the blue collar working environment that was paramount driving through the city. I really liked the tailgating portion of the parking lot which was complete with very posh covered buildings with refreshments, seating and what appeared to be entertainment capability. In all, was not one of the more extraordinary stadiums I have seen but is certainly a must see for the die hard NFL fan.

Leaving Green Bay we made our way north to our next destination of Escanaba, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula(UP). Entering into the area around Escanaba it is evident this is a huge fishing area. Tackle and Bait shops are abundant up and down HWY 41 and Hwy 2 east of Escanaba. One will also find boat sales and many hole in the wall motels such as the Sallmar Motel we stopped at. Looking inside you can see this would be an ideal location for you and your buddies to come up for your fishing trip as it provided ample space for up to 12 of your friends and complete with outdoor grill and kitchen inside for cooking up the fish you caught that day. While it was dated and a bit run down, it is very affordable and the staff was really present. We did not end up staying here and continued our journey up to Manistique where we have ended tonight at the Comfort Inn. Our hotel tonight is a nice chain venue and is located fantastically directly across the road from the edge of Lake Michigan. It is an ideal place to stay with many restaurants next door or down the street for breakfast the next day.

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