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Day 3 Trip Around Lake Michigan - Boyne

Another day in the book Mantrippers. Today we made our way out of Manistique, East down Hwy 2 toward the Mackinaw Bridge crossing into Lower Michigan. As you approach into the Mackinaw area we were fortunate to cross through the beautiful town of Harbor Springs. This is a picturesque little “harbor” town complete with sailing boats, boutique shops, restaurants, and steep climbing hills that lead you to beautiful overlooks of the whole town and the lake. Leaving out of Harbor Springs we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge and decided to take some country roads to our next destination of Boyne Falls.

Our little side trip to the country took us out Hwy 81 toward Hwy 119 that skirts the lake taking you back toward Hwy 41. Here you will criss cross the farm land and windy hills through some of the best autumn color we have seen on our trip. Pulling over we had many photo ops of perfect Fall landscapes of yellows and oranges while the leaves float through the wind on their way to there final resting on the roads. It was a great peaceful drive and I highly recommend taking the time out of your route to go through the country.

Finally back on our main route down Hwy 41 we find ourselves heading into Boyne Falls, Michigan where we arrive at our much needed resort location of Boyne Mountain Lodge and Spa. Driving up you are struck by the grandeur of the main lodge and the currently barren ski slopes stretching into the clouds. Walking into the lodge to check in you are greeted by a giant sculpted bear letting you know this is a place you will feel like you are getting away from it all. The interior is warmly lavish with hardwoods and ornate and antique type furniture complete with a large fireplace and a private library. We were greeted warmly by the staff; however since we were early our room was not quite ready. We took the opportunity to have lunch at Everett’s lounge, one of the many restaurants on property.  Food was great and the service was fast and friendly. After lunch we were warmly greeted by our host Erin who was kind enough to give us a brief tour of the resort. We finished and went to check into our room. Upon entering; the room is spacious and I enjoyed that there were two sinks and a large bathroom. My only issue would have been the colors. I thought the lime green and pinkish hues of the wall paint did not quite match the hardwood trim in the room. But all in all it is a nice spacious and comfortable room.

From here we had a very fun and relaxing afternoon and evening. Our first venture was Zip Lining which is done here through the resort. We were all gathered in the suit up room with our 9 other participants and were put through our harnessing and safety instructions. It was quick yet efficient and all the instructors were very patient if you had questions. With the session completed we were shuttled into the van and up the 620ft road to the top of the mountain to start our decent. After some more initial instructions we began and I have to admit this is one of the most entertaining things I have done. While it is not end of life daring it is very enjoying and you do experience some “rush” as you blaze through the treetops at speeds up to 25-30mph suspended through the air. What was a nice side excursion was the mild hiking involved from step off point to point. We were able to enjoy all the great autumn colors as the leaves fell which made even more enjoyable when you were zipping from tree to tree. The whole trip takes about 2 hours depending on your group size. An added program for Halloween was mentioned called “Zip of Terror” running October 29th through the 30th where “zipping” will take place in darkness, with the only light coming from the glow sticks carried by “creatures” roaming the woods while you go from point to point. It’s original and sounds like a scary good time. If you live in the area or will be driving through, I would highly recommend trying it out and let us know how it is.

I separated from my Chick Vacation traveling partner and headed to the Solace Spa for a much needed reflexology session. The spa is nice and very welcoming and warm and I was treated elegantly. They have a great relaxation room which you can enjoy before and after, with complimentary fragranced water and assortments of herbal teas, all the while you can relax with soothing new age tunes playing in the background. My session was nice, my therapist was very accommodating and professional and the session completed with fresh fruit and more time in the relaxation room. The locker rooms are well furnished and complete with steam room/sauna and whirlpool. Prices at the Solace Spa are reasonable and comparable to most resort spas.

I met back up with my partner and we enjoyed dinner at one of the other resort restaurants called the Trophy Room. It was a much laid back and rustic pizza style joint. All the tables, chairs and barstools were made of solid wood and the décor outlined the history of the resort through old photos which were quite informative and entertaining to look through while we were waiting on dinner. The food was simple yet good. My counterpart had a calzone and I had a wonderful stuffed chicken. They make all of their own bread here at the Trophy Room which made the fresh hot breadsticks that came out very very appealing. In fact some made it back to the room for later. The Trophy Room also features a Boyne original brew called Everett’s Ale. The ale is a darker amber beer and had the flavor of a malty caramel flavor. The beer finished very smooth and paired well with both of our meals. If you are a brew fanatic, probably worth the trip in to give it drink.

Finishing dinner we took in one more things to finish our day off right. We jumped in the outdoor HEATED pool and spa. I can say that it is quite an experience, and very relaxing, to sit in the warm pool in the night air, the steam pouring off of you while you stare up into the stars and forget reflect on your day. It was a great ending to a great day. There are many more things that can be done at Boyne Mountain. They have many conference and convention facilities and can host your events for business or family. During winter months of course skiing is King in these parts and Boyne offers varying difficulties skiing fun. Further when the weather is nice, enjoy golfing at one of two championship courses. During the summer and weekend currently, you and your family can enjoy “Avalanche Bay” which is their HUGE indoor water park. If all of this was not enough there is always hiking, chair lift rides, 18 hole disc golf, tennis, mountain biking, horse drawn rides and even ice skating! Whew!!! There is so much to do here and the staff has been so great. I highly recommend taking a trip up here, whether it’s romantic, the family, your business, or maybe just you need time for you, Boyne Mountain here in Boyne Falls has everything you will need to enjoy your stay. Happy Trails!!!!

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