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Discover France Brings E-Bike Rentals To Guided / Self-Guided Cycling Tours Of Loire, Provence, Languedoc Regions

An innovative French touring company, Discover France, is taking the pain out of the gain when cycling up inclines. Guests now may partake of a new adventure travel trend, using hybrid electric bicycles with easy-to-charge battery motors.

"E-bike technology is finally both good enough and affordable for us to invest in this equipment," said Loren Siekman, Discover France director. "Couples often aren't compatible with endurance-wise when combining bikes and hills. E-bikes help level the cycling field by giving a boost to a cyclist concerned about not keeping up or slowing others down."

To date e-bikes in small, medium and large models are available for both guided and self-guide tours of the Loire, Provence and Languedoc regions. The rental rate is slightly more than for regular hybrid bike rentals. The e-bike in use is the new Scott e-Venture 30, a model easily charged while sipping a glass of wine during a rest stop somewhere along the route in France. 

"It's important to remember," underscored Siekman, "that the E-bike is a boost and not a motor. People still ride, pedal and apply energy but with a little boost at times when it can be helpful to the rider. You have to pedal while using it and let the battery and motor give added and welcomed assistance to your efforts."

Discover France Adventures has been organizing bicycle tours and hiking tours in France since 1994 and has offices in both the USA and in France. Discover France Adventures award winning tours are made up of their unique self guided tours and very competitively priced guided tours including privileged access tours at the Tour de France. Discover France is one of only four licensed tour operators to the Tour de France.

Visit https://www.discoverfrance.com for all details or contact them by phone at 800.960.2221 or by email at contact@discoverfrance.com.

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