Ever Thought about Being a Whitewater Rafting Guide?

I haven't had a chance to write stuff up yet about whitewater rafting, but certainly that is one of the great things to do for a guys weekend or mancation. A few years ago I had the opportunity to go rafting in Vermont and I had a blast. Whitewater rafting is a perfect opportunity for male bonding as it requires strength, ballence, wits, intelligence, and courage. Most of all, it requires teamwork and leadership or else your whole group is going to tip over or worse.

At the end of the day you and the rest of the group can share stories, drink beer, light a camp fire, and cook some great steaks. What more could you want in a mancation adventure?

So if going rafting is awesome, wouldn't being a whitewater rafting guide make the ultimate job?

Art of Manliness decided to find out as part of their "So You Want my Job" series.