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Kensington Antarctica Adventure Mancation

penguin in antarctica on a Kensington adventure tour

It's the middle of summer for most of you, but Kensington Antarctica has a great idea for a way to cool down - way down! While most Antarctica expeditions consist primarily of just a couple hours (or less) while your ship sits within eye shot, Kensington Antarctica offers you a chance to go ice climbing, abseiling into crevasses, go 4-wheeling on the ice to a science base, and even fly all the way to the South Pole.

Plus it leaves from Cape Town, so you can check out World Cup sites or go golfing before heading off on your adventure!

Honestly guys, I think Antarctica is going to be closed to tourism by the time I finally save up the money to visit, but if you have the cash, this is a great opportunity! Send photos back please :)

Kensington Tours has launched Kensington Antarctica, an exclusive luxury eco-camp offering once-in-a-lifetime forays into the untouched heart of Antarctica’s interior.  The only camp of its kind, guests at Kensington Antarctica are given the rare opportunity to experience the beauty of this awe-inspiring landscape, while being guided by world-renowned polar explorers and enjoying the amenities of this refined camp.   “When it comes to once-in-a-lifetime travel,” says Jeff Willner, founder of Kensington Tours, “this is the real McCoy.”

Accessible only by private jet from Cape Town, South Africa, the camp, perched on top of a 200-foot icefall, is the first of its kind.  Furnished in the old-world opulence of African safaris, the tents are heated and spacious and include all modern conveniences. The main living area is comprised of two large, dome tents (fusing traditional materials with cutting-edge technology) which house a dining room, library, kitchen and communications area. The camp has only six sleeping tents, each one shared by two clients, to ensure an intimate experience for every guest as well as personalized service from our five accomplished polar explorers/guides.  Gourmet meals are served by an acclaimed chef.

The rarely offered experiences at the camp range from the astonishing to the adrenalin-inducing, thus setting this trip apart from the ordinary. Bespoke adventures include: kite skiing, rock and ice climbing, abseiling into crevasses, 4x4 adventures to the coastal ice barrier or to one of the science bases, a flight to the South Pole as well as access to a 12,000-strong colony of fearless Emperor Penguins and their hatchlings - one of the most rarely seen wildlife events on the planet.

“Kensington Antarctica is a step forward in our mission to offer private travel to the entire world,” says Willner, an experienced explorer himself and a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. “Once the exclusive domain of explorers and scientists, Kensington Antarctica now gives amateur explorers the opportunity to see landscapes and wildlife at their most untouched with personalized service from experienced professionals and the comfort of a luxury camp.”

Kensington Tours has signed an agreement with White Desert, which first opened the camp in 2007, to take on the exclusive North American rights to all sales and marketing for the Antarctica camp and introduce the camp to new and wider markets.  “We are very pleased to be partnering with Kensington to showcase a deeper and more experiential side of Antarctica and one of the world’s most awe-striking wonders,” said Patrick Woodhead of White Desert. “Jeff Willner and I share an explorer’s heart and together have a vision for offering bespoke experiences that are unrivaled anywhere.”

Kensington Tours also operates Kensington Portfolio, a collection of premium tented camps and lodges in Africa – Kensington Mara West, Kensington Serengeti and Kensington Endoro. Kensington Antarctica is the newest addition to the Portfolio.

The Antarctica season runs from late November through January when temperatures average a mild 23 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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