Looking for a Dog Friendly Midwest Resort?

One thing that sucks about mancations is that most destinations simply aren't dog friendly. Now you can take a mancation and bring man's best friend with you when visiting the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa. Northern Michigan is one of our favorite destinations and now it has only gotten better!

According to their PR person, Grand Traverse Resort & Spa is now one of the nation’s most Dog-Friendly resorts in the United States and it iss of course, located in one of the best mancation areas of the country - the beautiful Northwoods of Michigan. (photos from our 2009 Michigan mancation) Grand Traverse offers a variety of accommodations, including a high-end pet sitting service whose goal is to indulge “man’s best friend.”

While guests are enjoying various outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, water sports and restorative spa treatments, their pooches will be lapping in luxury at “The Dog House-The Ultimate Dog Retreat.”  This on-property facility is run by the resort’s professional, trained staff and is cage-free to encourage comfort and social interaction.

Other Dog Friendly Features a Grand Traverse:

· 24-hour access to your dog for ultimate flexibility

· A fully-trained, professional staff to provide each dog with the attention and assistance they need

· Daily walks

· A private, fenced-in, outdoor play area

· Filtered water

· Separate potty/play areas

· All-inclusive pricing


No sitters. No kennels. “The Dog House” is every vacationer’s dream. And the dogs love it! But don't take our word for it; here is what some recent guests had to say:

Customer Feedback and Reviews:

What was your favorite activity at "The Dog House - The Ultimate Dog Retreat"?

"I really enjoyed the long walks that staff members took me on. I was  worried that I would overindulge on my trip, so it was great to know they have a fitness program in place."

- John, age 5, Standard Poodle

Cleveland, Ohio


What did you like the most about the facility?

"I liked that I was able to roam throughout the house freely and not have to sleep in a crate. This body isn't what it use to be and I need space to spread out when I'm ready to hit the hay."

- Chip, age 11, Labrador Retriever

Detroit, Mich.


Would you recommend the Ultimate Dog Retreat to your friends?

"Definitely, I would love to come back with a couple of my friends from the park this winter."

- Rusty, age 3, Jack Russell Terrier

Chicago, Ill.