Maker's 46 - Same Company, a New Fantastic Taste

As you know, I am a fan of Bourbon and so I can never pass up an opportunity to taste a new spirit. When Maker's Mark invited me to try their new whiskey, Maker's 46, I jumped at the chance.

I love Maker's Mark - the company, people, and quality are all fantastic. But for me, Maker's Mark is almost too polished and smooth.

Maker's 46 on the other hand is much spicier but still retains the same basic quality and properties as Maker's Mark. This is because it is the same until the last three months of the aging process. At that point, the bourbon is removed from the barrel and added to finishing barrel with staves of French oak that have been seared and added to the barrel.

This addition gives Maker's 46 a spicy flavor but is still a bourbon and not a rye whiskey, its core is still corn and wheat mashbill that has made Maker's Mark famous world wide.

Don't just listen to me though, Kevin Smith, Master Distiller at Maker's Mark can say it better than I ever will.

Maker's 46 comes out in June so if you are looking for something packed with flavor then you will love Maker's 46.