Man-B-Que - A Great Way to Enjoy a Night with the Guys

man-b-que-logoA few months ago I came across this group of guys in Chicago that started a group they call ManBQue or Man-B-Que. Either way, it is a great way for guys to gather, share stories, share recipes and eat lots of meat! After all, you can't always go away from home to get some quality time just with the guys. The official Man-B-Que Rules are a little over the top, but generally there are just a few that are essential that I'll be emulating this weekend in Bartlett (about 30 miles west of Chicago):
  1. No Vegetarians
  2. No Kids
  3. No Wives, Girlfriends, Mistresses, or other Females
  4. Each man needs to bring meat to share
Interested in joining us this weekend or another day? Let me know!