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Man Cruise Destinations Part 2: Australia and New Zealand

We’re back with installment three of the Man Cruise Series, this time with a little shrimp on the barbie. The man-stination that we’re going to focus on today is Australia / New Zealand.

 When putting together a manly list of destinations, it is imperative to include Australia and New Zealand. Your Man Cruise to Australia and New Zealand could include an array of man-sational activities like brewery tours and sailing.


The landscape is incredible, and is highlighted by Mount Kosciuszko, the highest mountain in Australia, and Taupo, a lakeside area in New Zealand known for extreme sports. For extreme sports enthusiasts, there is the Taupo Motorsports Park, which is located next to an active volcano, and was actually host to a number of professional Grand Prix events in the past few years. At the park, you can watch a race, or even participate on certain test days, that is, if you have the wheels! Not an active vacationer? That’s OK; this destination has plenty of what really matters: beers, babes, and kangaroos.

Auckland, New Zealand: America’s Cup Yacht Experience

Let’s be honest, we all like a taste of the good life. That’s why I had to highlight this popular man-scursion in New Zealand. America’s Cup is the oldest active award in international sport, tracing its origins all the way back to 1851 when the yacht America won a race around the Isle of Wight. Yachts symbolize everything that a man strives for: money, success, and looking good! This excursion is a chance to sail the fantastic waters of Auckland (also known as the City of Sails) aboard one of the storied grand prix yachts. This opportunity was only available to the racing crews for many years, but has now opened up to sailing enthusiasts looking for an excellent man-scursion. You’re welcome to sit back, but if you want to get the true Man Cruise experience, I suggest you get in, and get confident (in other words participate and help the crew to sail the beautiful boat).

Southern Australia: Brewery Tours, Cricket Ground Tour

As I promised, I will continue the Man Cruise Australia highlights with a staple of many manly vacations: beer, and a touch of something that may not be on your radar: cricket. Australia is a beer-laden destination, littered with breweries all over the continent. In my opinion, your best bet for a hoppy man-scursion would be Southern Australia, preferably near Melbourne. You are visiting Australia, so how can you possibly miss Foster’s? (Australian for beer!) You and your man crew will get the chance to learn about a strong history of beer in the past, sample the finest brews of the present, and get a glimpse into the future of beer during a tour of Australia’s biggest brewery. What better to pair a few cold brewskies than some sport, right? Regardless of your feelings on the sport, broaden your dude-rizons and get an exclusive look at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (Australia’s oldest sporting venue) where legends and cricket heroes were made.

Boom. Man-stination number two in the books. Sound man-tacular? Gather the man crew and start making some strong moves today. Not for you? Salsa dancers, spice, and everything nice is in your future if you come back for our next Man Cruise Blog. I’m talking about La Furia Roja, latin chicas, and (if you dare) queimada. I’m talking about Spain!

Want to add a personal story or man-scursion you think should have been included? Go ahead and drop us a comment below.

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