Mega Bus a Great Cheap Way to Travel

megadriver_large.gifWhen I was growing up (not too long ago!) traveling by bus was cheap, but it also meant dirty and smelly. Mega Bus is working to bring back the idea that bus travel can be cheap but still a positive experience. With fares starting as low as a dollar each way, Mega Bus might be a great option if you are looking to take a mancation this summer and would rather spend your hard earned money once you get there – rather than on the way. This video below documents one person's trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Mega Bus - only $16!

Currently, Mega Bus is mostly for travel in the upper Midwest, but has expanded to California and Nevada, as well as the North East, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. You might be wondering how much fares might be if the $1 seats are already taken, so I did some looking and found out that I can travel from Chicago to Milwaukee for only $10 … even with two of us going to the Miller Brewery tour, that is a lot cheaper than driving! (even though we’ll have to get a taxi from the Amtrak station in Milwaukee to the brewery.)