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Skydive Chicago an Illinois Skydiving Adventure

Skydive Chicago

Visiting Skydive Chicago was absolutely one of the best Mancations I have ever taken.

If you are looking for a high adrenaline trip skydiving with Skydive Chicago is the place to go. Skydive Chicago is located just west of the city in Ottawa, IL. Not only is this Chicago's Premier Dropzone but as far as I am concerned, they are also the BEST! With a 220 acre mega resort, top notch skydive instructors, and a vast amount of non-skydiving activites this is an ideal trip for guys looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush!

The price for the jump itself at Skydive Chicago was only $189 (group price) but since it was my first time I sprung for a video and pictures for an extra $119 which was well worth it. Now when I say video your probably thinking just a video of you jumping out of a perfectly fine air plane. Well that's not the case at Skydive Chicago. Skycam Productions, Inc. is onsite and they do an amazing job editing your jump to make it look like a real movie. Definitly worth the extra money. $189 for the jump, $119 for the video and pics, $15 for a souvienr tshirt, and realizing your jumping out a perfectly good airplane priceless.

The Skydive Chicago staff is professional and very concerned about everyone's skydiving safety, which in my opinon mad me feel a lot better about jumping. The planes and equipment are top of the line too and that is what makes Skydive Chicago standout.

On the property they have Para-Concepts which sells skydiving equipment and souviers and if you are hungry they have a cafe inside the hanger which is really good. Its like a little community.

The whole skydiving process only takes 2-3 hours to get a jump in so what do you do after that?

Well Skydive Chicago offers a bunch of different activities ranging from horseback riding, canoeing and kayaking, sand volleyball, wake boarding, and a fitness area. There are a bunch of group adventures you can take which range from about $16/hr.

After our skydiving adventure, we decided to camp out on the property and since we did our tandem jump, camping is free overnight. If your not into camping, then the cabins might be a better choice for you. Cabins range from $45 a night and are as basic as they come.


Overall this was one of my favorite mancations I have taken in a while and highly suggest it to anyone looking for a high adrenaline manaction! For more info on Skydive Chicago visit them at: www.skydivechicago.com

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