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So You Want To Travel Around the World?

AXA Global Adventure

Back when I was younger, I had several opportunities to travel to different parts of the world. I took some and ignored others. However, this experience made an impact on my life that ultimately stoked the flames that ultimately lead to this site. At the time, I was limited to work trips and spring break type adventures. For you guys today though, there's even more opportunity and one of those includes the Great Global Adventure by AXA where you can win a chance to travel around the world on someone else's dime!

This past year, William Moore from England won the competition and has traveled to countries including Hong Kong, China, Mongolia and Russia since he started in September last year (2015). It isn't all fun and games though, the prize was designed to help the winner grow professionally and personally through a combination of two six-week paid internships, and a community project in Indonesia as well as up to 8 months of global travel ... with most of the travel and living costs paid by AXA.

You can register for the 2016 Great Global Adventure game here - opening in February 2016!


Honestly, there are a lot of 'travel internship contests' out there, but what I found interesting about this one was that it wasn't just a paid blogging adventure, but rather AXA is really working to help train recent grads and turn their interests into valuable work and social experience.

For instance in Indonesia, William volunteered with Prestasi Junior Indonesia, a member organization of Junior Achievement, one of AXA’s CR partners. Their hands-on programs use learning-by-doing and real world experiences to develop young people’s work-readiness, entrepreneurial competences and financial capability.

It's always great to see an organization like AXA, the leading global insurance and asset management company, create a program like the Great Global Adventure to give opportunities to people, while also helping to give back to the community. If you are interested in learning more about William's adventures, make sure to follow along on Instagram , Facebook , and the Great Global Adventure site . Students and recent college grads across the world who are interested in learning more should visit the website for more information and to register their interest for the ​2016 Great Global Adventure​ - re-opening soon!

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