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Chargers Stadium

Back in the good old days, "Football Sunday" was the one day each week where all the teams would compete and that meant we all vegged out and watched the games all day. While today it seems like Football is on almost every night of the week it's important to recall these special traditions and celebrate Football for the event that it once was and could be again!

home theater football

At Home in Front of the Biggest TV You Can Afford

Never mind the heading. Why limit yourself to a TV you can afford? Take out a loan and get a real TV. You see all that empty wall all around your TV? That could be filled in by more TV. When it comes to football, the bigger, the better. There are few sports with more people on the field at any given time. Moreover, those people are spread out over about 50 yards. When the ball is snapped, they get spread out even more.

As brilliant as the camera work is, you are shown a small part of the playing field at any given moment, or you are seeing a broader view, but with everything in the image at a much smaller size. You’ve got to keep an eye on the ball, the action up and down the line, and the defenders. Simply put, you need a bigger TV.

Thing is, the giant TV is only half the battle. You have to have a content package that gets you the games you want to watch. Network TV only gives you four games on Sunday. You will need other channels for the games during the week. The Sunday games will be subject to whatever is available to your local affiliate. That’s no way to watch football, like some kind of animal.

Like it or not, there is no football like DirecTV Sunday Ticket football. You get every game. They can’t field a game of football anywhere in the world that you can’t watch, record, and enjoy at your leisure. The Red Zone channel (703) shows you everything interesting that is happening in every game all day.

There are also channels where you can watch heads-up, 4 or 8 games at a time, easily switching the audio to the one that interests you. That is all the more reason to have a bigger TV. You can take any game to fullscreen whenever you like. The best seat in the house is your comfy chair, in front of a giant TV, showing Sunday Ticket. Period.

Visit Your Favorite Football Stadium

Never mind peanuts and Cracker Jacks. You can’t afford any of that after you buy season tickets for your favorite team. You want to see Tom Brady deflate the competition in person? It will run you over $650 a season for the cheap seats. Of course, that only covers the home games. If you want to catch them while they are away, you had better have stock in an airline and hotel. Otherwise, you are going to still need a big TV hooked up to Sunday Ticket.

That said, there is nothing like the roar of the crowd at 80,000 strong. No audio system can simulate the feeling of actually being there. You’ve never had a hotdog until you’ve paid $10 for it at a ballpark. You know what you are never tempted to do when watching the game at home? Rip off your clothes and streak across the field naked. It is surprising how often that sort of thing happens in real life. There is magic in the air at a ball park. There should be. You paid for it.

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Drinks and Food at Your Favorite Sports Bar

If you like to eat football food while watching a football game, you need to be doing so at a sports bar serving the best nachos in town. There is always something special about watching a game with a bunch of strangers who have only one thing in common: the love, or hate of the same team.

The biggest drawback to watching the game at a bar is that you can’t hear the sound on the TV. But there are apps that make that problem go away. For every game viewed in ultimate comfort, stay home. For the roar of the crowd, buy tickets. For a good compromise with great snacks, go to the bar. Let’s face it: There is no bad way to enjoy the greatest game on earth.