Valentine's Gifts for Men: Mantry Crate

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Ok ladies - you tell us how hard it is to find a great present for us for Christmas, birthday etc. I got a great lead for you - Mantry! While Valentine's Gift giving is usually pretty one directional (with hope of getting something back later that night ...) it's ok for you to send us gifts and surprise us too.

The concept of Mantry is pretty simple but incredibly well executed. It is a Food-of-the-Month club that helps you discover American artisan food. Each month, the guys at Mantry will curate and distribute a crate (that's right - the word "Gift Basket" or "boxe" aren't manly enough ... this is an honest to goodness wooden packing crate!) packed with delicious foods.

One of the things I love about Mantry is that it is so spot on to what guys are looking for - it isn't condescending it is inspirational. We want to be better, more sophisticated, more cultured but that doesn't mean we want to be all foo-foo either.  


By providing on-target products and then adding recipes we can do what men to best - create something.


That is one of the best parts about when I received my crate last month. It wasn't just a box that I opened and set down and forgot about 10 min later - it was bacon that I used to cook breakfast for my wife, it was pork rinds that I shared with a friend while drinking beers on our porch, it was an interesting bloody mary recipe (that I didn't make but it read and thought "maybe one day!".

Past month's Mantry Crates have included:

Hencho En America Crate - featuring Rancho Gordo Beans, San Angel Mole, Olo's Chipotle, Hernan Hot Chocolate, and La Esquina.
Each crate comes with a guide like the above including recipes, where the products came from and a little background about the artisan.
The bacon crate above was what I got in December from a friend and it was delicious - this is not a sponsored review in any way, just my honest endorsement and a hint to all the women who might be reading this. 

Just do the right thing for you guy and click here to start the subscription :) 

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