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Wild Turkey Distillery Tour

Wild Turkey has a great distillery experience that is also one of the newest. Visitors will get a chance to go "Behind the Barrel" like I did as their guest, but in a much abbreviated fashion. However, for bourbon fans this is a great opportunity to learn, taste, smell, and see one of the greatest bourbons in the country right now.

Wild Turkey is located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky about half way between Louisville and Lexington so it makes for a great stopping point on your Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour. I've included photos from our tour experience, but standard tours may differ.

What Will You See on a Tour of Wild Turkey Distillery?

Standard tours of the Wild Turkey Distillery include the following areas:

Visitor Center - Inside the visitor center, guests will be able to learn more about the heritage and history if the master distillers - Jimmy and Eddie Russell, as well as a chance to see the original copper still from the old distillery. Of course, after the tour - guests of legal age - will be able to sample some Wild Turkey and receive a rocks glass to take home! This is where your tour will start and end and you'll be transported to other parts via an air conditioned tour bus.

The Distillery - Wild Turkey's new distillery (opened in 2011) has been purpose built to all for guests to get a a great view of the distilling process and includes a video as well as opportunity to see the still, yeast tubs, and fermentation tanks. 

Rickhouse - This is where Wild Turkey bourbon ages and visitors will have a chance to go inside and smell the "angel share" as well as see some of the barrels up close and personal.

Bottling Plant - Standard tours do not include a tour inside the plant, but they will drive by the building and describe it. I have photos of what it looks like below in our gallery that I took during our experience.

While it is never guaranteed, I'm told that Jimmy Russel sometimes hangs out at the Wild Turkey Visitor Center to meet with guests and occasionally lead a tasting.

When are Wild Turkey Distillery Tours Held?

Standard tours are held Monday through Saturday, from 9 am till 5 pm and depart on the hour. The distillery is also open on Sundays from March though December from 11 am till 4 pm. Wild Turkey does not offer any tours on major holidays though.

How Much Do Tours Cost?

Cost is $10, but free for military with valid ID. 

For more information on Wild Turkey Distillery tours, please call the Wild Turkey Visitor Center (502-839-2182) or visit their Wild Turkey Distillery Tours page on the website.

Photos of Wild Turkey Distillery:

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