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Explore a the Secrets of the Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is an excellent spot for a weekend getaway with the boys. The house is the former home of Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester fortune after the tragic death of her husband and child. The enigmatic widow is rumored to have had a connection to the paranormal, and there are tales of ghostly beings walking the halls late at night.

You and your friends will be able to explore the Winchester Mystery House, including the personal quarters of the mysterious lady. The museum has numerous displays and exhibits about the Winchester rifle and the development of the Winchester business. They offer a variety of tours throughout the various parts of the estate, including a super spooky night-time flashlight tour through the haunted house!

The gardens and estate grounds hold their own mysteries as well. The garden has an impressive collection of trees and flowers, many of which were specially sourced during the lifetime of the Winchester Widow. She was as mysterious as she was dedicated to her gardens, and she once employed a staff of eight gardeners during her time. This and other fascinating tidbits are discussed on the informative and entertaining tours.

Nearby accommodations are cheap and easy to access. This would be a perfect place for a quick weekend getaway, and there are numerous other attractions around the area after you finish exploring the rolling estate.

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