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Beyond the Kentucky Derby World's Biggest Sports Events For Betting

Daytona 500 will be one of the biggest betting events in the world next year

For those that thought they won big money this weekend only to find out that things weren't what they thought, I'm sorry. Don't worry though - what you you just experienced was the "thrill" of betting on live sporting events. While the Kentucky Derby is over for this year, there's still plenty of opportunities around the world to score big money if you are able to combine luck and analytical skills to make the right picks. Here's our picks for the top sporting events around the world to win big on!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve bet once before or a million times, some sports are just that much more exciting when you've got your own piece of the action. While horse racing, boxing, basketball, and football are clearly at top of mind for most Americans when it comes to placing bets, even sports like NASCAR racing are increasingly aligning themselves with the concept. In fact, while other sports simply have betting as a layer on top of the existing sport - there's much speculation that the recent changes to NASCAR's rules are designed to turn it into the ultimate experience for fans looking to bet on their favorite teams. In fact, NASCAR just partnered with Genius Sports to lay the foundation for legal betting on the sport last week. This announcement will almost certainly make the Daytona 500 one of the biggest betting events of 2020 and beyond.

This isn't just an American pattern though, sports betting is an international phenomena and in many ways our friends across the pond are WAY ahead of us with an online gaming industry that is legal and vibrant. Domestically though, we're starting to see that spread rapidly now that rules are changing and so it's just a matter of time before our own industry matches theirs.

But what are the events you really must have a wager on? Well, here are five for starters...

Grand National

The Grand National is one of the UK’s biggest days of the year and the entire nation and beyond gets stuck into a bit of betting. Whether betting on the favorite or the horse with the best name, people bet in their millions. The bookmakers go crazy for it, handing out free bet offers in abundance and creating a real buzz. It’s prestige is huge, having been run since 1839 and it continues to be the number one event that encourages even non-bettors to have a flutter.

The World Cup

The World Cup is the most watched sporting event worldwide, so it makes sense that many of us love a bet on it too.

For the most part that’s on who will win the trophy, with many enjoying a pay out from France last summer. It’s thought that bookmakers made more than $36 billion in 2018 on the World Cup and that figure gets higher with each and every tournament. It does offer plenty of thrills to enjoy though when betting and for any soccer fan it’s a must to add that extra dimension.

NFL Thanksgiving

The Super Bowl always enjoys a large number of bets, but the Thanksgiving games give fans more to bet on, opening up more markets and giving you an even better chance of a huge payout. Thanksgiving football sees a huge increase in volume of bets and has become somewhat of a tradition for many. After all, what’s better than a big win on Thanksgiving? In terms of the amount wagered on NFL, the Super Bowl wins hands down, but we can’t help but think that you’ll find much more excitement in November.

Super Bowl

This goes without saying that the Super Bowl is one of the largest sports betting events each year and things will only get bigger now that there's teams in Los Angeles and the Las Vegas Raiders will be arriving in the 2020 season. With a spectacular new stadium being built just off the strip, it's only a matter of time before Las Vegas hosts the Super Bowl rather than just being the epicenter of betting on it.

March Madness

March Madness is always a fun time to place your bets as unless you’re a college basketball aficionado, most players are going in relatively blind.

Playing the brackets encapsulates the entire US as people try and discover the next NBA star as well as predict which college will be crowned champion. The tournament dates back to 1939 and features 64 different colleges, which gives you quite the selection to choose from. The bookmakers are usually pretty well up though, so it’s always worth listening to anything tipsters have to say.

Kentucky Derby

Back to horse racing and whatever the UK can do, the US can too.

The Kentucky Derby has established itself alongside the UK as one of the biggest races worldwide and like its U.K. counterpart sees every sports fan place a bet to try and win big. 2019’s edition will be the 145th race and has a purse of $3 million! Taking place in Churchill Downs, Louisville, hundreds of thousands of people flock to the city, while millions watch online. The world really does stop and have a bet. It’s one of the truly great world sporting events to watch.

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