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How to Pack For an Outdoor Festival

how to pack for an outdoor festival

When the weekend rolls around or your vacation time finally arrives, you are not the kind of guy who turns into a couch potato. Instead, you would much rather head to an outdoor event with your friends or your special someone and spend a day or two sampling great wines, listening to music, checking out classic cars and other activities.

Of course, to fully enjoy a your time at a show like BottleRock in Napa Valley, the Barrett Jackson Classic Car Show and Auction or some amazing wine festival near your town, you need to bring along a number of items to make your day fun and safe. At the same time, you can’t lug around a huge backpack filled with stuff — to save your back and your sanity, you need a compact pack.

As for what to bring and what size pack to purchase, consider the following tips.

Start With a Backpack or Fanny Pack

If you already have a compact backpack or fanny pack, that’s great (and yes, you read that correctly — fanny packs are “in” again). If your backpack is huge and leftover from your college days, consider investing in a new one like this durable and lightweight travel hiking daypack from HIKPRO. Weighing in at only 7.5 ounces, it features three zippered compartments and is water and tear resistant.

Don't Forget Food and Drink

Now that you have your compact backpack or fanny pack, you want to fill it with needed items. Because it is easy to get dehydrated at outdoor festivals, be sure to drink a ton of water. Instead of lugging around gallons of H2O, Asher & Lyric suggests bringing a water bottle that you can refill along the way at water stations. Be sure it’s leak proof and easy to open so you can hydrate all day. Even if you plan on grabbing lunch at a food truck at the show, put some energy snacks into your pack — this can include trail mix, cereal and granola bars, cheese sticks, and apples and oranges.

Next, Go With a Vape Instead of Traditional Cigs

If you choose to smoke, being at an outdoor concert, festival or car show, can be challenging. Most events have banned regular cigarettes, and if it’s super windy they can be hard to light. As an alternative, consider bringing a vape along in your backpack; as a bonus, vape devices are super lightweight and are easy to charge. If you are in the market for a vape, blu sells a variety of devices including the myblu vape, which is compact, includes a rechargeable battery and is easy to fill with one-click flavor pods.

Other Essentials

To get the most out of your time at the festival or concert and not come home looking like a lobster, pack a bottle of sunscreen — if you get the spray-on variety, it will be easy to re-apply it during the day. To protect your eyes, don’t forget your sunglasses, but consider bringing an inexpensive pair with great UV ray protection instead of your really expensive designer shades. Outdoor Revival also suggests tucking some chapstick into your fanny pack as well as a scarf or bandana. This way, if it’s really windy and dusty, you can cover your face with it, or simply use it as a napkin. Other must-haves for your pack include a small and portable battery charger, ear plugs, a travel pack of baby wipes for quick clean ups and, if you have room, a rolled up t-shirt in case you need to change your clothes.

Have a Great Time!

While you need to be prepared for big outdoor events, you don’t have to arrive with tons of stuff. By starting with a small and lightweight pack and filling it with compact but needed items, you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable and safe time wherever you are going.

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