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Introducing NJOY Vaping With some Awesome Flavors and Top Technology

By now I am sure you have seen those guys off to the site of a party or in a corner at a festival puffing out what seems to be a ridiculously big amount of smoke and wondered WTF is that all about? Chances are those guys are "vaping" but in an industry that currently is not regulated the same way as the rest of the nicotine industry not all things are equal and that's why it is critical that you consider who you buy from a company that you can trust.


As you can see from that video, NJOY is doing something right with innovative flavors and good solid technology that delivers a pleasant experience that is superior to traditional cigarettes.

Simply put, when you vape, there is a tank of e-liquid in the vape that contains the flavor and nicotine that when you inhale passes through a heating element that turns the liquid into a vapor. It's that easy and frankly I didn't quite get how it worked till I explored their site to learn more about how it worked.

NJOY is 100% committed to setting the highest standards for corporate responsibility related to consumption of their products by people under age and frankly is pretty straight forward on their website about what an e-cigarette is so it takes out some of the mystery there as well. 

Not only does NJOYVape have a fantastic selection of e-liquids with flavors ranging from Single Malt Scotch to Blood Orange but they are also 100% committed to designing and delivering the world's best non-tobacco electronic "smoking" experience possible. 

At the end of the day NJOY is still delivering nicotine to your body, but if you are going to smoke isn't it better to do so in a way that doesn't risk ash burns or the stench of traditional cigarette smoke?

So what do you think? Are e-cigarettes something you would consider when traveling or in your daily life?


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