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At one time, air rifles weren't as highly regulated as their powder-powered cousins. Today though in states such as California there are many regulations that you need to understand before purchasing. However, despite this - air guns are a great tool for hunting and target practice that provides a similar but unique experience compared to traditional rifles.

Most people identifying as part of the LGBT+ community have most likely struggled with that fact when it comes to medical treatment of any kind. Before acceptance hopefully found its way into each individual’s life there where and most likely will continue to be certain times when the world can seem an unforgiving place filled with fear, anxiety and pain. Sometimes these uncertain and difficult times become too much to bear and perhaps one find themselves searching for comfort in negative and harmful places. Asking for help is then one of the most difficult things to do but once that step is taken, the road to recovery can begin.

For those that thought they won big money this weekend only to find out that things weren't what they thought, I'm sorry. Don't worry though - what you you just experienced was the "thrill" of betting on live sporting events. While the Kentucky Derby is over for this year, there's still plenty of opportunities around the world to score big money if you are able to combine luck and analytical skills to make the right picks. Here's our picks for the top sporting events around the world to win big on!

When the weekend rolls around or your vacation time finally arrives, you are not the kind of guy who turns into a couch potato. Instead, you would much rather head to an outdoor event with your friends or your special someone and spend a day or two sampling great wines, listening to music, checking out classic cars and other activities.

There's no denying that mankind is often driven by lust ... we start wars, invent new technologies, explore new territories and try new things in search of sexual pleasure. Despite the fact that most of these things have been driven by men, the subject of sex toys for men has been something left to the sidelines. Women on the other-hand have had a wide variety of weird, wonderful, and downright scary tools to provide self-pleasure. Today though, that's changing and while solo male pleasure is something most guys find hard to talk about, the impact of technology for bringing couples together is expanding rapidly.