bose sleepbuds

Not only do I live in an urban area above a nightclub in downtown San Diego, but I snore … so does my wife. It’s something we’ve generally “gotten used to” and frankly when we travel somewhere remote it’s a bit spooky to not have crazy people screaming as they leave the clubs at 2 am. Unfortunately sometimes you just need to get to sleep and tune everything out. That’s why I was so excited to check out the Bose® noise-masking sleepbuds™.

This article is going to get a lot of raised eyebrows I'm sure. The genesis of this idea started from a conversation I had a few months ago with the folks at Perfect Fit. While they are primarily a store to sell toys for fun and pleasure - we both wanted to encourage guys to be more healthy, active, and happy without resorting to pills, creams, etc. For too many guys, there are sensitive topics that have attracted companies promising to solve everything from ED to PE or even make your equipment longer. There's a stigma about these men's health issues and so it can be difficult to discuss them compared to the simplicity of ordering some snake oil online and hoping for the best. That being said though, here are some ideas on how sex toys can help overcome some of the most common sexual health problems that men face.

The ability to play poker well is analogous to a man being able to succeed in business as well as life in general. Like everything though, there are often variations on a common theme that require you to be able to adapt so you can dominate your opponents. Here are six of the most common forms of poker that you’ll find in poker rooms and online poker games across the United States.

Up until now, when you think of the casino capital of the world, the first city that is likely to come to mind is Las Vegas. However, more recently there is a new city that is vying for the limelight, the city of Macau in China.

Even though many people have chosen to vape, there's still a lot of confusion out there and what you can and can't do with it. One of the biggest questions that I get when I talk with our readers is what they need to know when traveling with a vape. While there are some obvious things like not using it when you are on a plane, others things to know are more subtle. Let's take a look at some Travel Tips for People Who Vape.