I've been a cigar smoker since my early days in the Navy, now 25 years later I've upped my cigar storage to the next level. Recently we received a NewAir CC-100 Cigar Humidor.  After having had it 3 weeks now we think it’s great!  This "Cigar Cooler" is a new idea for me but makes sense.  I once lost a couple of hundred cigars because I bought a few hand rolled from a vender in the Dominican Republic that were buggy.  A few weeks later I discovered why you don’t buy questionable cigars!

By now I am sure you have seen those guys off to the site of a party or in a corner at a festival puffing out what seems to be a ridiculously big amount of smoke and wondered WTF is that all about? Chances are those guys are "vaping" but in an industry that currently is not regulated the same way as the rest of the nicotine industry not all things are equal and that's why it is critical that you consider who you buy from a company that you can trust.

Classic Cigarette Ads

Cigars have a certain mystique around them and that's why we're celebrating them with these photos.

Beers, Wines, and Whisky all have experienced the "pairing" treatment, but what about the mighty cigar? Well why not? You smoke your meats, you stand around the grill waiting for ribs to finish cooking with a beer in hand, why not enjoy a cigar while you're at it.