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Nothing's worse than losing your vape device right in the moment when you most need a hit, but it happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, no one has a stash of leftover vapes around the house ready to use, and replacing them can be a luxury.

Luckily, since vapes are the new go-to replacement for cigarettes, you can expect to see one anywhere. And if you want to be among the fantastic bunch, you must prepare yourself.

If you notice that your vape pen is losing its potency and is lacking in flavor or performance, getting dull and darkened with barely-there vapors, it's time to replace it. But sometimes looks can be deceiving, and many can go on for weeks unknowingly vaping from a vape that's run its course.

If you want to know why a vape might not work, continue reading as we unveil the primary reasons!

When Is a Vape Not Working?

A vape could not be functional due to a variety of reasons, and one of them is the expiration date. You can't expect to spend a lifetime with a device you bought for $20 at the corner gas station, so replacing your vapes frequently is imperative.

There are a few causes for a vape to stop working, and reaching its time limit is one of the most common.

Contrary to popular belief, replacing your vape should be a weekly ordeal, not a monthly one! Many users believe their vape device is suitable for a month or two longer, but the truth is that you have to change them every seven days due to their delicate e-liquids, strengths, and less-durable coils.

Full-time smokers or flavor experimentalists might even have to change their coils or whole vape devices due to constant use or, in this case—overuse. When you heat your vape device, you bring it closer to its demise, so use it only when necessary.

Common Reasons Why Your Vape Isn't Working

Once you get a clearer idea of how a vape that's not working looks, smells, or feels, you should note the common factors that influence or speed up this process.

Sometimes it's more than just neglect or overuse—but some other also common factors that can make or break your vape: 

  • No liquid left;
  • No battery left;
  • Battery replacement;
  • Damage or destruction;
  • Sun exposure;
  • Vape parts aren't aligned.

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No E-liquid Left

If your vape device has no liquid to burn, how can it produce the vapor? Check whether your e-liquid has run its course and needs replacing because it could influence your health.

Clean your tank as well. Look for the no-clouds sign, which would indicate that you're low on e-liquid. You can also disassemble it and refill the tanks with a refreshing new hit.

No Battery Left

It's easy to misplace your vape charger and forget where it left. Since every coffee shop, club and restaurant have access to a socket, you can expect to be able to charge any device.

Vapes are relatively small and require only a little time to recharge. Make sure to charge your vape device whenever it's resting. Just don't keep your vape plugged in while you sleep.

No Battery Replacement

There's nothing worse than being in a group setting, and everyone has started vaping while you, for the love of everything, cannot get your vape to work! In such cases, watch for the side's light to alert you to the battery level.

Your battery is ready for replacement if the device doesn't turn on regardless of e-liquid replacement, shake-ups, or even charging. Besides this, another warning sign the battery needs replacement is if there's visible damage on it.

However, this is nothing to fuss about, as vape batteries last relatively long. For example, you could use your vape at high power levels for months before the batteries die.

Damage or Destruction

You can't drop something heavy on your vape pod and expect it to work afterward, and vape pens are no less! These devices can often come in sleek packages that could be sensitive to the elements, so it's essential not to over-stack your vape.

Don't try to crush, squeeze or break a vape pen, as it could lead to a leaky mess and many broken essentials. Many wouldn't want to hear this but carrying your vape in your pocket is also a bad idea as it leads to premature damage and a shorter lifespan.

Sun Exposure

Never leave your vape device for extended periods outside during the warm months. When summer comes, vapes easily get overheated, damaging the e-liquid inside and leading to bad tastes.

Overheating can also be dangerous as the whole device can break and explode into tiny pieces. Don't leave your vape pen out in the sun; if you do, always let it cool off before reusing it.

You Haven't Aligned the Vape Parts Correctly

If you think you've just replaced a new batch of e-liquid and have completed all vape pen reconstructions, re-check the parts. You must ensure every piece is tied to another properly if the pen is tight and the vapor cloud is full, fluffy, and sweet-tasting.

The most significant error in reassembling happens between the battery and tank or coil. You must assemble the separate parts to be tight but not too tight, as it can damage the material and screws.

Check if You Pressed Power On 

The biggest silly mistake while vaping is that you think your device is on, but it wasn't the whole time! Always double-check whether you've turned on your device to spare yourself such mishaps. Check your sides for pulls, and watch out for the battery light.

So, whenever your vape doesn't work, go over our nifty tips on tricks to prolong its lifetime and spare yourself the additional costs!