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What is Dry Herb Vaporizing and Why Is it Better than Smoking

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When it comes to consuming marijuana, you have a number of options. For those who haven't consumed it since college days, the option can be simply overwhelming. While many people choose smoking or edibles since it is the familiar option, others have discovered vape oils, concentrates, and extracts to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Another method that’s been growing in popularity over the last few years though, is known as dry herb vaporizing. Vaporizing cannabis has a number of distinct advantages over other methods of consumption, especially smoking. Let's take a look at why ...

What Is Vaporizing Dry Herb?

“Vaporizing dry herb” is not "vaping". While most people have heard of vaping, they are usually referring to using electronic cigarettes that create a cloud of vapor, rather than smoking a traditional tobacco-based product.

With cannabis, dry herb vaporizing is a similar process. However, instead of the cannabis being suspended in a liquid solution, dried herb is placed on a heated surface. The heat extracts the cannabinoids and the terpenes from the plant, just enough so that it creates a vapor that you can breathe in. It’s different than smoking in the sense that rather than heating the herb to the point that it combusts, creating smoke, vaping only warms the herb to the point that you can inhale the beneficial chemicals.

Vaping is a widely accepted form of using marijuana, especially within the medical marijuana community. In fact, some states, including New York, actually prohibit those who use marijuana for medical purposes from smoking it. Instead, they can vape it, or use a tincture or oils. This is in large part due to the advantages of vaping over smoking.

Why Vaping Is Better

Some people do not enjoy vaporizing their pot because they don’t feel like they get the same high as they do from smoking. Typically, when smoking pot, users get an almost immediate rush, which is part of the appeal of using.

Also, be careful about the vaporizer temperature setting. If it's too low you'll miss out on the flavor and potency, too high and you might degrade the active substances. Zamnesia suggests an optimal temperature of 180 - 210 °C.

However, what some don’t realize is that when marijuana is smoked, you’re not only ingesting the THC and CBD but also other toxic chemicals, including carbon monoxide, from the combustion. This is even more prevalent if you mix your herb with tobacco. Therefore, the high you experience with smoking is also due in part to the other chemicals that you’re ingesting, not only the marijuana.

When you vape marijuana, you do not ingest those chemicals, which is ultimately better for your overall health. However, it also means that it can take a little longer to get the high you want (usually around five to 10 minutes) and you don’t get the instantaneous rush. Those who vape regularly note that they eventually become accustomed to the high from vaping — and ultimately prefer it.

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Beyond the relative health benefits, vaporizing cannabis has other advantages, including:

It’s less intrusive. Everyone knows what pot smells like when it’s being burned, and not everyone likes it. The smell can also stick around for days, and if you are in an area where it’s illegal or restricted, the smell could be the dead giveaway that gets you busted. With vaping, there is almost no smell, making it much harder to detect and less intrusive to those around you.

It’s cost-effective. Research indicates that vaporizing marijuana converts more THC into vapor than smoking (45 percent vs. 25 percent) meaning that you have to use less of your weed to get high. With some vaporizers, you can even use your herb multiple times before it loses potency, and even then, you can use the leftovers to make edibles, getting the most bang for your buck.

It tastes better. While not everyone loves the flavor of vaped cannabis, most users note that the flavor improves, mostly because it’s not being mixed and masked by the toxic carcinogens produced by burning.

In short, vaping tastes better, is less expensive and is better for you — and you ultimately get a better high.

Buying a Vaporizer

Vaporizers for cannabis range from small portable units to desktop models. Which is right for you depends on how often you vape, where and how much you want to spend. You can find the best vaporizers for herb from DopeBoo, where you can compare different options.

Many users of dry herbs opt for either a portable, battery-operated flower vape or a more substantial desktop model that must be plugged in. Whichever type you choose, you have multiple options for every budget, so do your homework to find the best one for your needs and enjoy a more pleasurable experience when you use marijuana.

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