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Table games like blackjack are popular on cruise ships

In good times, the cruise industry booms. In 2019, thirty million people traveled on cruise ships, according to the industry’s largest trade organization, the Cruise Lines International Association (CILA). Since 2009, the industry has witnessed an annual growth rate of 5.4% of passengers, and the revenue from the cruise industry has grown from 15.7 billion in 2010 to a projected 31.5 billion in 2020.

Of course, when you’re on a cruise ship, you’ll find there are lots to do onboard. That includes visiting the onboard casino and playing roulette, blackjack and other table games. It’s a popular means of whiling away the evening. This post takes a look at why roulette and other table games are popular on this style of holiday.

A way to socialize

Naturally, you’re going to come across people from all walks of life on a cruise. A table game is one way you’re likely to do this. It’s a good chance to get to know other people and chat as you both watch the roulette wheel spin and the ball hopefully land on your number, color or however you need it to for the spin to end in your favor.

Cruise ship casinos have limited hours, however. If you’re not feeling sociable, want to continue playing after the casino shuts or squeeze in a few games before the onboard casino opens, you can go online and play in the comfort of your cabin. There are plenty of online casinos from which to choose and you can find more on bestonlinecasino.com

Classes for beginners

If you’ve not stepped into a brick-and-mortar casino before, you might find it as intimidating as it is exciting. Everyone at the tables seems to know what exactly what they’re doing. You’ll see people standing around, watching, but the gaze of the onlookers doesn’t seem to faze the players.

A cruise ship casino has a little less unsettling atmosphere, however. The casino will host classes for beginners so that passengers can enjoy the table games easier on board the ship. When it comes to playing for real money, they’ll feel more comfortable at the table.

The job of the dealer is to ensure the passengers are having a good time. Not only that, co-players are more likely to be playing just for fun, as they’re also on holiday, and be in a more jovial mood, rather than be serious and hardened gamblers. Throughout the game, the vibe is likely to be less tense and more good natured.

Low buy-ins

Since the aim of the cruise is for the passengers to have the best time possible, the buy-ins at cruise casinos are low. This makes the games more attractive to the passengers. After all, there will only be a few thousand people on the ship and high buy-ins will scare players away. With low buy-ins, the casino can draw casual gamblers to the tables and offer a good experience for everyone at the table.

Note, however, that the payouts will also be lower than at a land-based casino, purely because of the focus on passenger enjoyment and not big wins. Cruise ship casinos aren’t looking to attract hard gamblers to the table, who may prefer to stay away anyway if the payouts are low.


If you do happen to be a fan of table games already, you’ll be happy to learn that cruise ships run their own tournaments. Often these are blackjack tournaments and take place outside casino hours, so you’d compete in the late morning or early afternoon. Just check the daily calendar, which the operator will deliver to your cabin every day, to see what events are taking place on the cruise.

It’s a chance to win some money without risking much other than the tournament admission fee. Again, the emphasis is just on taking part and enjoying the best experience.

Games that have evolved

There’s a very simple reason that roulette and other table games are popular on cruise ships: they’ve evolved. Blackjack, for instance, was rudimentary when it first materialized, but today involves much more strategy, even if it still remains relatively straightforward. Then there’s the elegance of roulette, with its polished wheels and felted tabletop. It certainly wasn’t so glitzy and glamorous when it first came about.

These games haven’t just started from scratch with an ideal blend of gameplay and rules and been an instant hit. They’ve had time to evolve and build popularity, which is why people flock to them today, whether they’re on a cruise ship or on dry land. People also like to stick with what’s familiar to them, too, so if a cruise ship were to introduce new games, they might not prove as popular as roulette, blackjack or other tried-and-tested table games.

Cruise ship casinos offer massive enjoyment, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy classic games such as roulette, blackjack and more. The environment is pleasant, free of the pressure you might find in a standard casino, and whether you win or lose at the tables, you’ll still have a good holiday.