New Hampshire Travel Ideas

New Hampshire Travel Ideas

Live Free is the moto for New Hampshire and that's exactly what you can expect to do in this awesome New England state. From snow sports in the winter to hiking, rafting, mountain biking and generally just enjoying the fresh air during the rest of the year. New Hampshire is a great state to visit for anyone looking to get away from it all ... but not too far to go on a guys weekend getaway!

  • Steam trains have a special place in my heart - as they do with millions of other guys and even some women too! These are giant hulking marvels of engineering represented the pinnacle of technology in their day but are still amazing to experience. In the age we live in where we covet silent, clean, smooth, and safe modes of transportation these great locomotives bring us back to a day when none of that was required - just getting the job done and opening up new opportunities to expand and profit.

  • Mount Washington is the tallest peak east of the Mississippi and it's been a popular tourist destination fo more than a century as enterprising Americans have figured out ways to bring people to the top. While you can ascend to the summit by train, tour van, and even snow cat - our favorite is to drive up it on a fall day to see the amazing colors of New Hampshire's White Mountains and the wispy clouds blowing past you as you climb to more than 6,000 feet in the air.

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