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Romantic Escape in Idaho

Last week, I spent a few days exploring Idaho with my wife - Heather from ChickVacations. This adventure was a bit different than others we have taken since we traded hotel rooms for a campervan. Don't worry though, it was an awesome experience and like so many things in life - I didn't want it to get over too quickly.

I wanted more sunsets, more fishing, more time to explore ... and more time together just the two of us. That's how a vacation should be but sometimes things can get in the way. As someone who travels for a living, I've learned a few ways to make the most of each trip and I love to share. So here's some of my favorite tips to help make sure your experience is as exciting as possible and lasts as long as possible!

Enjoy Your Private, Intimacy Time as Long as Possible ...

The opportunity to go on an adventure, get away from responsibilities and spend time with your significant other allows you to reconnect and really show how much you care for each other. Sometimes it can be difficult to find time for these moments with the hectic nature of everyday life so we definitely want to make the most of the opportunity when it comes! As much as men think about "sex" there are few topics as embarrassing for us to talk about as premature ejaculation. Sure, there's plenty of jokes and folk remedies but K-Y has a real solution to help with this problem. After all - When This Van's a Rockin' I Want it to Rock All Night Long!

 K-Y Duration Spray for Men is designed to be applied directly to the head and shaft of your penis about 5-15 minutes before and is formulated with lidocaine, which is approved by the FDA as being safe and effective. Heck, you could include your partner in this part before you start snuggling or do it in the bathroom privately at the same time you freshen up. Remember, there's no shame in this and more men have this situation compared to ED so it's time we take matters into our own hands (so to speak!) and change the situation so we can make EVERY part of our romantic escapes last longer.

Get Plenty of Rest

This is your vacation and you want to make the most of things - so don't burn yourself out. If you don't get proper sleep then you're going to feel like crap and not have the energy to do the things you want to, or at best you won't enjoy it to the fullest.

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Eat Regular Meals and Healthy Snacks

It may be tempting to eat crappy meals or hit the drive through whenever you get hungry. Don't do that! What we did on this trip is packed some healthy snacks including jerky, nuts, and luncheon meats. Even though we flew to Idaho, we made sure to stop at a grocery store to get supplies before heading off. This way we were guaranteed to have plenty of energy vs succumbing to that afternoon slump.

Plan Ahead

Check out deals and if you have the flexibility, consider doing your escape mid-week instead of a weekend getaway. This way you might be able to save enough money to get an extra day in.

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Be Strategic with Priorities and Create an Itinerary

You can't see and do everything you might possibly want to on a romantic getaway of your dreams, so take a look at your itinerary and decide what's most important. This way, you'll be able to spend less time wandering aimlessly and more time making memories together. For instance, we knew that by trekking up the mountain to a hot spring that we were going to miss time hiking in the woods around a lake. Only you know what's best for you, but doing too many things with none done well makes it feel like you wasted time. 

Enjoy Yourself!

Try to avoid arguments and remember to just relax and have fun. When you do, you'll be able to enjoy the trip that much more.