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If you're a novice at traveling overseas, you may be wondering about insurance. Insurance is a constant in our financial lives in the US. When we’re outside the country, does this change?

Spending money is inevitable. However, there is an unhealthy way to do it. Being wasteful with money may not be something people do consciously. They realize their errors only after the fact. Statistics indicate that single men spend more than single ladies.

In an ideal world, ever hotel room and especially cruise ship cabins would come complete with plenty of extra plugs or even a power strip but that's just not the case. While I travel with a powerstrip now to help with this challenge, the reality is that it is a bulky solution that still requires you to bring the power chargers as well. That's why I was excited to check out the UltimatePower solutions from EZQuest. They come in three different configurations including 65W, 90W and 120W so you can charge your phone, tablet, and laptop all from one charger!

In the last several years, gun sales have skyrocketed, and statistics have shown that the vast majority of people list personal protection as the reason for their purchases. While the police are only a phone call away, it's an unpleasant reality that even with an optimal response time of five minutes they may arrive much too late, and that is much faster than the majority of the country. A home defense gun is a wise purchase that you hope you never have to use for its intended purposes much like an insurance policy. So now that you have decided to make that investment, how do you decide what to get?