May, red poppies will bloom across the country. Memorial Day is slowly approaching, too; It’s a day of remembrance, also a self-reflection time for a more peaceful future. The luxury freedom---family dinner, backyard barbecue, and the alike summer activities are what we’re expected to cherish today.

Look men, it’s true that our trucks are one of our most valued possessions. We wash them, care for them, do regular maintenance on them and so much more. Not only do they get us to and from work, but they also take us on endless adventures and if we are careful, they will be with us for years and years to come. But owning a truck isn’t just about doing the basics. It’s about adding the things that make it feel like your own. Getting a stock truck at the dealership is fine, but then adding the bells and whistles, getting a custom paint job, or putting a wrap on it can make it feel special and like it was made just for you.

Driving a truck is amazing. There are so many great things about owning a truck, from being able to haul heavy loads to having the horsepower needed to go on excursions and adventures off the beaten path. One of the things that may make the experience less than pleasant is if your seats and truck are less than comfortable. It’s important to not only ensure that the shocks and struts are working great but also try these little things to ensure a comfortable ride no matter where your truck takes you.

When it comes to solar power station innovation, the hits keep coming from BLUETTI. Today they have annouced the arival of their new EB3A power station featuring 268Wh and a 600W inverter that will charge from 0-80% in only 40 minutes. This is a perfect addition for anyone planning for summer storms where you might only have a limited time to charge before the power goes out!

Bowfishing is appealing to those that are looking for a new challenge when it comes to fishing. Instead of sitting back and waiting for a fish to take a nibble of bait on your hook, it's a active sport. Quite literally it is hunting fish as they swim by, rather than just waiting for them to jump on your hook. If you are an experienced bowhunter, then you know how much fun it is to hunt fish using a bowfishing bow.