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A Close Shave at the Schick HydroEscape Escape Room

One of my favorite parts of Comic Con is getting a great free shave from the folks at Schick. I know that might sound lame but they've been my "go to" experience every year because well, it's free and having a professional give you a great shave is a pretty awesome experience. Every guy should have a professional shave at least once. This year, Schick is over in the Interactive Zone by Petco Park and not only are they giving out free shaves and tons of great swag but they have an awesome escape room experience too.

The Schick HydroEscape experience is open now through Sunday, from 9am till 5pm but make sure to get her early since it is first come first served. It's up to you to help save the Schick HydroBot as you and your friends work to solve puzzles in three different rooms. Thanks to Russ and Heather for joining me - I might not have been able to escape without your help! The “Schick Hydro Escape” is based on Hydrobot’s backstory, which was released in a new, limited-edition digital and animated comic book – “Schick Hydrobot and the Transformers” – that highlights an exclusive story arc and also introduces his creator, Dr. Hiroshi Benson. To escape the room, Con-goers must work together on a series of interactive puzzles and physical tasks, many of which pay homage to fan-favorite movies, comic books and video games.

The Schick Hydro 5 has five blades for a super close shave and seven hydrating gel pods to provide instant lubricating protection. While you are still best making sure to use plenty of Schick Edge shave gel, it helps the razor slide along your face easier and reduce friction. One of the cool features of this razor also is that you can actually flip the edge down to get into those awkward places like under your nose or in a chin crease. 

Thank you Schick Hydro for the great shave - now I'm having fun walking around Comic Con looking like a celebrity because of you guys!

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