A Great Shave is a Perfect Way to Start a Great Day

Not all mancations have to be about growing out the beard and roughing it. Sometimes you want to go to the other extreme - find a great hotel in a world-class city like Chicago, New York, or Las Vegas and live like a king! In this case, it is essential that you look and feel great with a perfect shave. Afterall, that armani suit, suite at Aria, and rented exotic car deserve a man that looks like they belong together!

These tips from Diane Wood, Master Barber for King of Shaves should help you on your way to that goal.

The Quick & Easy 3 Minute Shave


3. 00 mins Fill the skin with very warm water to prepare for your shave.

2.50 mins To open your pores and prepare your skin to be shaven, splash your face with the warm water in the sink.

2.30 mins Massage King of Shaves AlphaGel in to your now wet beard. AlphaGel employs SSE, a unique Shave Surface Enhancing technology that helps protect, moisturize and lubricate your skin throughout the shave giving excellent razor performance and glide even when you only have 3 minutes to shave!

2.15 mins Dip your razor in the warm water and, starting by the sideburns, shave with the growth of your beard. Down on the cheek area, sideways near the top and bottom lip and in the direction of the growth under the chin and neck areas. With your free hand, feel around the face for any missed hairs and repeat if necessary.

15 secs Rinse your face with cool clean water and gently pat dry with a soft towel (don’t rub!).

10 secs Apply a small amount of oil- free moisturizer to your face massaging gently into the newly shaven skin.

Shave Completed! Now you’re ready to put your best face forward.

Side Note: For best results, don’t shave as soon as you get up. Have breakfast first. Give your skin a chance to wake up!


Or try a more leisurely shave:

1. Prior to shaving, gently wash your face with warm water or steam with a small towel soaked in very warm water. This softens the beard and relaxes the face muscles. (Or if you prefer, shave in the shower by touch as this is also a great technique.)

2. Chose your shaving weapons to battle your stubble. I suggest doubling up by layering a low foam formula shaving gel over a shaving oil for intense lubrication, increased skin protection and enhanced results.  (Try King of Shaves AlphaGel Natural Shaving Gel and AlphaOil Cooling)

3. Using a clean razor, shave in the direction of beard growth. Let the razor glide over the skin without excessive pressure. Start at the sideburns and work down each side of the face toward the chin.

4. To shave the area under the nose, push the nose upwards with one finger, shaving sideways across the top lip. Shave in the direction of the beard growth below the jaw line. With your free hand, feel around the face for any missed hairs and repeat if necessary.

5. After shaving rinse the face with cool water and apply an alcohol-free shaving lotion. Only apply cologne to the sides of the neck and chest as the alcohol can irritate your skin especially if you plan to wear a collared shirt.

Suggested Razor: King of Shaves Azor Razor. Available at regional retailers or online at www.drugstore.com


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